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Hollywood Heartbreaker Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Call it Quits

Ben Affleck Hollywood Heartbreaker Gossip

Another Hollywood Heartbreaker is brewing and according to the celebrity gossip rumor mill…Ben Affleck, 43, and his television producer girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, 38, have split after a year of dating.

A source close to the couple have shed a little ray of light about the couple and why their romance went sour. She could no longer deal with the actor’s on-going addiction struggles!

The Ben and Lindsay, insider reveled the heartbreaker 411 in an interview with People in which they said ‘When it was good it was really really good, an insider told People Tuesday. ‘When they were in the same time zone and not focused on other things it was good. It became incredibly with their families, with their jobs.’

Hollywood and the Gambling Elite

Elite Gamblers the Viper Hollywood

In the 1960’s Hollywood became synonymous with glitz and glamour, fame and fortune with sex drugs and rock and roll all part and parcel of the LA lifestyle.

Since then, fast cars, partying hard and illicit activity have continued to be embedded in the Hollywood culture. With the vast wealth of the film industry, it was only natural that Hollywood and the gambling scene would cross paths, both legally and illegally.

Gambling in the Viper Room

In the 90’s, the infamous Viper Room, a Los Angeles Nightclub located on the Sunset strip of West Hollywood, was a melting pot of illegal activity, specifically drug use and illegal gambling. It became a favorite spot of the Hollywood Elite and became famous worldwide when actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose on Halloween morning in 1993.

Hollywood Romance Gossip Jennifer Garner Files for Divorce

Jennifer Garner Files Divorce Ben Affleck Gossip News

browse around these guys Actress Jennifer Garner has reportedly filed to divorce husband Ben Affleck.

http://apacheip.com/contact According to sources, the  Batman V Superman star also submitted an almost identical response in what is being described as an ‘amicable’ split after 12 years of marriage it emerged Thursday.

http://broughtonpublishing.com.au/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword The pair are said to have filed without using a lawyer, and they are asking for joint legal and physical custody of their three children.

Which Stars are Secret Gamblers?

Stars who love to gamble

Although we’re more used to seeing our favorite celebrities on the red carpet and in some seriously glamorous nightclubs, it seems that some of our stars like to chill out with some video games too.

In a way it’s no real surprise because at the end of the day our celebrities are only human…so here’s a look at which of our stars can be found battling at their consoles!

Seeing as the Warcraft movie is one of the biggest surprise blockbusters of the summer, it’s only fair that Black Swan actress Mila Kunis has made no secret of her love of World of Warcraft .

Jennifer Garner Breaks Silence About Split

Ben Affleck ‘Is the Love of My Life’

Jennifer Gossip Magazine Cover

Actress Jennifer Garner is finally speaking out about her split from her estranged husband Ben Affleck.

Garner sat down with Vanity Fair magazine for a candid interview and even addressed “Nanny-Gate.”

Garner and Affleck announced their break up after 10 years of marriage last June.

Later that month rumors began to swirl that Affleck was cheating with the nanny.

Jennifer dispelled these rumors saying the “nanny scandal”  was not part of their breakup. They were actually separated for 8 months before the announcement came out.”