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Kanye’s Recent Bipolar Episode Leaves Kim Thinking Divorce

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Will Kanye’s Bipolar Disorder cause a divorce.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly considering ending her marriage to Kanye West, after his current bipolar episode comes to an end.

Kanye West Visits Cody Wyoming Emergency Twitter Rants

cody wyoming kanye west

Kanye West  made a brief visit to a local ER in Cody, Wyoming.

The quick trip to Cody Regional Health in Cody Wyoming took place on his way back from a fleeting visit to California where he didn’t see his wife and instead visited an art studio in San Francisco – approximately 500 miles north of Kim’s native Los Angeles.

Johnny Manziel Released After Being Hospitalized in Humble, Texas

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Johnny Manziel was hospitalized Monday night in Texas.

According to sources, Manziel, a former Heisman winner he was admitted to a hospital in Humble, TX on Monday.

Manziel, who revealed that he suffered from bipolar disorder in February, reportedly had a reaction to an adjustment in the prescription medicine known as Lithium which he takes for his Bipolar disorder.

Christian Evans, Ex Husband of Ricki Lake Dies

Ricki Lake husband

Christian Evans, the ex-husband of talk show host, actress and producer Ricki Lake has died.

According to Lake, Evans, reportedly “succumbed to his life long struggle with bipolar disorder.”

She shared a message on social media saying “The world didn’t understand this man, but I did … For anyone who has ever lost a family member or friend to mental illness, my heart goes out to you.”

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Robin Williams Death Details Emerge

Robin Williams NewsDetails about his death continue to emerge as family, friends and fans continue to understand why he chose to end  his life and the circumstances which may have attributed to his death.

“Comedy is acting out optimism.” Quote~Robin Williams

Despite the families request to keep the details of his death private…the Marin County sheriff’s office is facing harsh criticism after they revealed graphic facts about the beloved actor’s suicide. Many who watched coverage of the news conference were stunned — and offended — by the level of detail disclosed.

According to the latest reports Williams tried to slit his wrist with a pocket knife but when that suicide attempt failed he hanged himself with a belt.

The Coroner report said that Williams then took a belt, tied it around his neck and secured it between the closet door and door frame..  His body was discovered by his personal assistant.

Williams,  had talked openly in the past about his struggles with alcoholism.

Last month Williams checked  into The Lodge.   The Program is just one of many offered by the Hazelden Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Center City, Minnesota.

The Lodge offers participants who have years of recovery the opportunity  to tune up spiritually, do inventory step work, focus on issues of sponsorship, and recommit to their program of action.

Suicide Preverntion HelplineAlong with his battled with alcoholism, he suffered with depression and bipolar disorder. Sources have reported that he has been receiving treatment for his Mental Health diagnosis.
Those issues coupled with his sobriety would definitely exacerbate someone who is in a fragile state of mind .
At the end of the day, these issues are now  irrelevant….what really matters is that the Entertainment world has lost a legend.
Resources and Helplines Here
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