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Bob Probert

Retired hockey enforcer Bob Probert, as adept with his fists as with a stick in a 16-season career with the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks, died Monday after suffering chest pains while boating with his family. He was 45.

“Bob lost the fight of his life this afternoon,” said Probert’s father-in-law, Dan Parkinson, a police officer who performed CPR before Probert was rushed to Ontario’s Windsor Regional Medical Center.

Probert was on a boat in Lake St. Clair with his wife, children and in-laws when he “developed severe chest pains” Monday, family friend Rich Rogow told a Monday evening news conference at the medical center.  Read full story here

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Jeremy Piven plays big wig Ari Gold on the hit show Entourage, and it seems like his onscreen clout didn’t really transfer over in real life.

Keon Lattimore

Keon Lattimore is a running back who was drafted as an unsigned free agent for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. He is also Ray Lewis ‘ younger brother.

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