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Robin Williams Battled Depression

http://steps2stardom.com.au/portfolio-view/baby-fairy-ballet/ Robin Williams DepressionRobin Williams, a comic and sitcom star in the 1970s who became an Oscar-winning dramatic actor, died Monday at 63.

Coroner investigators suspect “the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia,” according to a statement from the Marin County, California, Sheriff’s Office.

get link Williams has long been a sufferer of http://flyingsquidstudios.com/rw_common/themes/starkbasic/css/sidebar/sidebar-hide.css bipolar disorder, a mental illness where the person fluctuates between episodes of extreme energy, focus and productivity (mania) and severe depression.

Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that is most-commonly treated through a combination of psychotherapy and medications. People who limit their treatment or stop taking medications may be at higher risk for the symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, such as mania or depression. Most people with bipolar disorder need lifelong treatment for the concern, as there is no cure for it.

Some people with bipolar disorder feel that the medications commonly prescribed for the disorder make them feel like they’re “living in a fog,” or that all their emotions lack any sort of depth. For these kinds of reasons, some people choose not to keep taking medications to treat the disorder.

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Suicide is a common symptom of severe, clinical depression. When properly treated, the feelings of suicide often remit as the depression lifts. But even under treatment, sometimes people choose to take their own life.

Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder Here

Behind Blondie Park Gossip News

Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II disorder is a form of mental disorder.  Bipolar II is similar to bipolar I, however, in bipolar II the person does when in the “up” phase does not reach the full manic stage.

People with bipolar II disorder experience elevated moods.  These less intense moods are referred to as hypomanic episodes.   A hypomanic episode may be manifested by  irritability or euphoria.  Symptoms of a hypomanic episode  may include flighty thoughts, pressure and loud speech and increased energy levels.   Person’s experiencing an episode may behave erratically by engaging in risky and/or impulsively.  They have been known to act out sexually, spend money and do things they normally would not do when they are not experiencing an episode.

Depression is common once the episode subsides.  The depression can last for weeks or months.

Facts about bipolar II disorder:

Usually occurs between the ages of 19 – 25.

Depressive episodes are more frequent and  intense than the manic episodes.

In the bipolar spectrum, bipolar II has a higher rate of suicide.

Medication is the most common treatment.

Update:  Actress Catherine Zeda Jones treated for Bipolar II Disorder….Read more here

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Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar II Disorder!

The announcement that actress Catherine Zeta Jones is being treated for bipolar II disorder came as quite a shock to many.  Bipolar II disorder is when the ups don’t reach  the full manic phase.  It is not as severe as bipolar I disorder.

Jones, 41, reportedly spent 5 days in a mental health facility.  Jones, who is married to actor Michael Douglass has had an extremely stressful year, Douglass, 66 was diagnosed with  stage four throat cancer in 2010.

According to sources Jones who has been released from the facility is “doing well.”

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