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Caitlny Jenner Reveals the Meaning Behind the Name Caitlyn


order Lyrica Call Me Caitlyn What's Behind the NameCaitlyn Jenner  formerly known as http://kirakazantsev.com/gallery/ Bruce Jenner has shared the meaning by her chosen name.

The English meaning of the name Caitlyn is:  Pure.

In English the meaning of the name buy prednisone for dogs Bruce is: Thick brush.

It was reportedly inspired by a former Miss America contestant.   Heather and Cathy were initially the frontrunners  up for consideration…both of which were inspired by the “beauty pageant.”

Jenner admitted watching the pageant in an attempt to find the “perfect” name!   However, when her assistant, Rhonda, suggested Catilyn…it was like BINGO!  Heather and Cathy were no longer an option.