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Now You Know the Rest of the Story … Bill Gates Cheated

bill gates cheatsBill  Gates reportedly cheated on Melinda Gates and she’s fed up.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates had cheated with a female staff member in 2000, and resigned while an investigation into the relationship was being investigated by the company board.

Call it what it is… but he cheated.

Brad Pitt Claims “He Did Not Cheat”

Brad Pitt has  denied claims that he cheated with Angelina Jolie while married to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

In October 2008, Jolie revealed that she and Brad fell in love while making the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005.  At that time Pitt and Aniston were married.  Aninston’s response to her comment “really uncool.”

On Wednesday, Pitt set the record straight in a story he posted on W magazines Web site.  He denied  the 2005 love triangle and said that he did not have a relationship with Jolie while married to Aniston.

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Other Interesting Pitt, Jolie, Aniston Stuff:

2007- Jennifer Anistons mystery man uncovered…It is former boxer and construction worker    turned model. 36-year-old Paul Sculfor.

2008- Jennifer Aniston spent New Years In Mexico with the Arquettes.

Brad Pitts Love Connection History:  Source People Magazine

Click to Enlarge

Angelina Jolie, girlfriend (2005 to present)
Jennifer Aniston, ex-wife (1998 to 2005)
Gwyneth Paltrow, ex-girlfriend
(1995 to 1997, engaged)
Jitka Pohlodek, ex-girlfriend (1993 to 1995)
Juliette Lewis, ex-girlfriend (1990 to 1993)
Robin Givens, ex-girlfriend (1989)
Jill Schoelen, ex-girlfriend (1988)

Angelina Jolie’s Love Connections:  People Magazine

Brad Pitt, partner (2005 to present)
Billy Bob Thornton, ex-husband (2000 to 2003)
Jonny Lee Miller, ex-husband (1995 to 1997)

Jennifer Anistons Love Connections:  People Magazine

John Mayer, boyfriend (2008 to present; on and off)
Paul Sculfor (2007)
Vince Vaughn, ex-boyfriend (2005 to 2006)
Brad Pitt, ex-husband (1998 to 2005)
Tate Donovan, ex-boyfriend (1995 to 1998)
Adam Duritz, ex-boyfriend (1995)
Charlie Schlatter, ex-boyfriend (1990 to 1991)

Sources:  GOOGLE Images and People Magazine


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