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Cruise goer Banned by Royal Caribbean ‘You Can’t Fix STUPID’

Royal Caribbean Bans

Royal Caribbean reported that it has banned a passenger for life after she climbed over  a balcony railing for a picture (see photo)

 “Stupid is as stupid does”

Her cruising companion, who reportedly assisted in the “selfie situation,” was also banned.

Cruise Nightmare Vessel Runs Aground

Cruise ship nightmare

A Boston Harbor Cruise boat carrying 152 people, including a wedding party, ran aground on Georges Island on Saturday.

It was supposed to be the best day of their lives, but one couple’s wedding reception aboard a boat turned into disaster when their vessel ran ashore.

Promised to be ‘something out of a storybook romance’, The Majesty, a Boston Harbor Cruises vessel, became stuck in Boston Harbor around 7 pm Saturday.