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Stripper Jana Weckerly Sues Jerry Jones

There’s another big blow to the reputation of the NFL and  this  time it’s not a player whose behavior is in question…It’s Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jana Weckerly Suing Jerry JonesIn case you missed it…last month photos of Jerry Jones fondling two strippers were leaked.

In Jones’ own defense, he  contended that the photos were taken without his knowledge over five years ago and the man who leaked the photos was trying to extort money from the NFL team owner.

One of the women in the photos Jana Weckerly, who calls her line of work as “exotic dancing”  is now saying that  she is traumatized and is in counseling because of the incident that took place in June 2009 at a local hotel.

The complaint filed by Jana Weckerly, 27, from Ardmore, Okla., says that  Jones fondled her genitals, forced her to touch or rub his penis, and required she watch as the 71-year-old Jones received oral sex from another woman. Weckerly is seeking more than $1 million in punitive damages.

If you recall photos of Jerry Jones fondling two strippers were leaked last month. Jones say the photos were a misrepresentation and wouldn’t speak on the issue any further. Jones contended the photos were taken without his knowledge over five years ago.

Jerry Jones Net Worth; $4.2 Billion

The stripper Jana Weckerly now says she is traumatized and is in counseling.

Jerry Jones Parties Hearty With Strippers


Michael Sam Joins Dallas Pratice Squad

Michael Sam “Dallas Cowboys”

Michael Sam Joins Cowboys Pratice SquadDefensive end, Michael Sam, who became the first openly gay player in the NFL, when he was picked up by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the NFL, has found a new home in the league.

Sam was the 249th of 256 players selected!

Sam, who played collegiate ball at  Missouri  was dropped by the Rams in their final roster cut last over the weekend.

According to the latest sports news reports, Sam will join the Cowboys practice squad. Coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday that the league’s first openly gay player will be added to the practice roster.

NOTE:  Members of the practice squad are paid a minimum of $6,300 per week, a fraction of the minimum $420,000 rookie salary.

“We just want to give him a chance to come in and help our football team,” Garrett said. “That’s where our attention is [football]. What people say outside the organization is up to them.”

Former Cowboys Tackle Josh Brent Out of Jail

Fomer NFL tackle Josh Brent has been released from jail.

Former Dallas Cowboys tackle Josh Brent released from jail after serving six-month sentence for drunk driving wreck that killed his friend and teammate  Brent, who played for the Dallas Cowboys from (2010–2012) was convicted in January 2014  for the December 2012 drunken car crash that killed his friend and teammate, Jerry Brown.

The night of the wreck, the two men were headed home from partying with fellow Cowboys at a nightclub when Brent lost control of his Mercedes, causing a fiery accident. Officers who arrived on scene said Brent was seen trying to pull Brown’s body from the wreckage.

Police documents showed that Brent was driving at least 110 mph and may have been driving as fast as 134 mph right before the crash, on a road where the posted speed limit was 45 mph. Brent later failed a sobriety test and would face 2 to 20 years in prison if convicted. Brent was found by the police pulling out his friend and teammate.

Brent’s blood-alcohol level was tested shortly after the crash at 0.18 percent, more than twice the legal limit for drivers in Texas.

Dallas Cowboys: Josh Brent

The 26-year-old  was sentenced to 180 days in jail and 10 years’ probation. It was not immediately clear whether he would be required to report to a rehab facility to complete the remainder of his  his six-month sentence, which was expected to end in July.

What Does $2 Billion Get You These Days?

Let’s see…I have $2,000,000,000 to spend today. What can I get?

Sports News, Clippers sold My own private jet, a luxury ocean front home, a summer home in the mountains, a Porsche-Lamborghini-Range Rover, a condo in Vegas, and a yacht. Even after I buy all of that, there is still a few million left. Guess I’ll make a donation to my favorite charity. Wait a minute….What am I thinking about? Why don’t I go out and buy one of the worst sports franchises ever? That makes more sense. The LA Clippers, for years and years have been the laughing stock of the NBA and they are up for sale. The down trodden Milwaukee Bucks were just sold for $550 million so the pitiful Clippers have to be worth at least 4 times that! OK, I have made up my mind. I am worth $20 billion, what is the big deal if I drop a paltry $2 billion on the Clippers??

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys LA Clippers

Really, seriously, that much for the Clippers? We are not talking about the NY Yankees. We are not talking about the Boston Red Sox, or the Dallas Cowboys, or the LA Lakers, or the Boston Celtics, or the Montreal Canadians. We are talking about the freaking LA Clippers! The Donald ( Sterling, not Trump ) has bled the LA market for years to make himself filthy rich and has NEVER produced a winner. Out with the Sterling’s and in with the Ballmer’s. Guess who is going to pay Mr. Ballmer back on his $2 Bill? If you guessed Joe Q. Public you would be right!! Do you think that other team in LA is going to roll over and play dead? Mark Cuban has mucho dinero and isn’t going away anytime soon. Golden State is on the rise, OKC is young and hungry, San Antonio is….San Antonio and as long as Popp stays there they will always be a force. Good luck Mr. Ballmer, you are going to need it!

Staying with the NBA, glad to see Lance Stephenson out of the playoffs. I hate it for the great folks in Indiana but his antics are too much of a distraction. Blowing in LeBron’s ear – how middle school. Wish he would have done that to anyone of the “Bad Boy’s” in Detroit! Bill or Rick would have pulled his lips off and stuffed them down his punk throat! What if he did that to Larry Legend? The next time Lancey drove down the lane in Beantown, the Chief or Kevin would have given him a face full of elbows and bounced his head off of the floor! Lancey is a free agent, maybe Stevie and his deep pockets will bring him to LA!

Speaking of losers, it was nice to see the Dallas Cowboys draft a QB and prepare for their future. Wait a minute, wrong team. I meant great job by the New England Patriots. Tom Terrific is nearing 37 years young and they currently have a solid backup in Ryan Mallet ( potential free agent after this year ). So what does a real champion do? They draft a potential replacement for the living legend and hope he has 2-3 years to groom his eventual replacement – Jimmy Garoppolo. Great move, great planning! On the other hand, Jerry – Owner – GM – Coach Jones has a mediocre, often injured, non producing QB in Tony Romo. He could have gotten his replacement and drafted the electric Johnny Football. Nope, I’ll pass on Manziel and stay with my 8-8 annual QB. The Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team….of MEDIOCRITY!

Sports News NFL Draft History and Updates


Hey, it’s not even June yet and the Red Sox and the Rays are battling it out like it’s September! Gotta love it! The BoSox lose 10 straight and have now won 5 in a row. They may not have last years talent but they will not back down from anyone. If they make 1 mid season move to acquire 1 more bat in that lineup, lookout! If they get healthy watch out. Baseball…if…if…if

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