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Selena Gomez Going Low Key After Release from Psychiatric Facility

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Selena Gomez has checked out of the has left the psychiatric facility where she has hospitalized for the last 30 days.

buy modafinil in pakistan While in treatment, she was  involved ‘dialectical behavior therapy,’ which was described as ‘a therapy that treats various mental health disorders.’

Many have speculated that Selena had a breakdown not over her health but rather of her ex Bieber and his swift marriage to Hailey Baldwin, 21,  the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin.

Selena Gomez Hospitalization and Emotional Breakdown Update

Selena Gomez Update

Selena Gomez was hospitalized two times in just weeks.

According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill… the first was due to low white blood cell count.

Her second admission came after she suffered a panic attack.

Selena Gomez Causes Insta-anger on Instagram

She has been dealing with depression and anxiety for 5 years.

She has had a tough few weeks and the panic attack in the hospital was the tipping point.