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64…32…6…8…FINAL FOUR!!

The 2015 Men's Final Four will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis April 4 & 6

The magical day has finally arrived. Final 4 Saturday is truly one of, if not the greatest, day in all sports. With a full week of hype, assessments, analysis, interviews, and preparation, we can now sit back and watch one of the best Final 4 pairings of all time. Think about it… http://carsoundsinc.com/Ikqg Coach K and see this page Tom Izzo. clomiphene atau serophene harga Coach Cal and http://damarin.nl/66384-ph61363-calcium-carbonate-food-grade-india.html Bo Ryan. All four of these men are the epitome of being a college coach. All 4 will be Hall of Famers. And all have done it a different way and took a different path to get there. Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Legendary schools and giants in the world of college sports. Some of you out there hate this scenario – top seeds making it to the end. You were hoping for a Cinderella story and your brackets were filled with early round upsets. Not this year! Others love it! Chalk prevailed (for the most part) for one of the few times even though State wasn’t a top seed.

College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 15

BCS National ChampionshipIt was another electric weekend in the world of college football as all of the major conferences held their championships.

Sadly, this means the end of the year of another terrific season. Sure, we have the Army-Navy game, all the bowls, and the BCS National Championship game left, but the week to week drama is now over. And what a way to end the year! The BCS, in it’s 16th and final year, put most of us on life support right to the end. Going into championship weekend you still had the scenario of Northern Illinois getting a BCS bid. A big sigh of relief went up when Bowling Green came in and spanked them. Then, all we heard all week was whether or not a one loss SEC team should jump an undefeated Ohio State team. No disrespect to FSU and OSU, but that BCS potential national championship game would have represented all that is wrong with the BCS system.

Two undefeated teams with the worst schedules in college football playing for the biggest prize. Their formula was to play no one out of conference and play in weak conferences. FSU ( Pitt, Bethune-Cookman, Nevada, Idaho ) only had 1 marquee game all year and they humiliated Clemson. OSU ( Buffalo, Cal, San Diego St., Florida A&M ) only had to navigate through a poor Big 10 schedule and barely escaped in a few of those wins ( Illinois and Meechigan ). Even though they both played pathetic schedules, the biggest difference was that FSU put 35 points on you before the fans had a chance to take their seats and OSU let other teams hang around and stay in the game. A BCS title game with FSU and OSU may have been the least watched championship game in history! The ACC versus the Big 10 for all of the marbles. The bottom 2 conferences out of the big 5. Thankfully Michigan State came through and saved the world by beating the Luckeyes.

Like the Boston Red Sox in baseball this year, Auburn may be college football’s team of destiny. As the Auburn Tigers ran wild over a vaunted Missouri defense, they knew they had to win and win big if there was even a glimmer of hope of passing the Buckeyes in the final poll. After  taking care of business, they sat back sipping on some sweet southern ice tea and became the biggest Michigan State fans in the country. If Sparty could take care of business, Auburn was back in the title game. What would the BCS National Championship game be without a team from the SEC?? The mighty SEC had won 7 BCS championships in a row and on Saturday at 4 PM, things weren’t looking too promising for the best conference in America. Then, Auburn puts away a solid Missouri team. Now, all the Tigers needed was a Spartan victory over OSU and the SEC was back in business.  Michigan State’s big 2 ( Connor Cook and Jeremy Langford ) out played Ohio State’s big 2 ( Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde ) and guess what America…..the SEC is back!! Seriously, these are probably the best 2 teams right now and as much as I hate the BCS system, it did play out to give us the best match up possible. The 4 team playoff format will help next year but it is not the end all answer – good starting point though.

There were other great games yesterday as well. Oklahoma’s dramatic fourth quarter was one of the best “Bedlam” games ever as they spoiled OK State’s bid for a conference championship. How about Stanford’s dominance over ASU? Arizona State was one of the hottest teams in the country and the experts picked them to win. Stanford took control early and never took their foot off of the gas as they won convincingly and earned a birth in the Rose Bowl against….Michigan State. What a throw back game that will be! As I mentioned earlier, Northern Illinois helped out the BCS on Friday by losing their conference championship to Bowling Green. Baylor wraps up the Big 12 by thrashing Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns and earns a Fiesta Bowl bid to play UCF. Ok, so everyone in America said FSU would win by 30 over Duke. You have to give Duke all the credit in the world for making it that far. A basketball school that wins in football too. Great story, great job by everyone associated with the program. Guess it just may say something about the ACC…just saying!

A few more notes from the Big 10 championship game. States win ended the Buckeyes and Coach Urban Meyer’s 24 game winning streak. In a way, is was a weird game. State goes up by 17, OSU rallies with 24 unanswered points, and then Sparty scores 17 straight. Michigan State ends the year by beating everyone in the Big 10 by 10 points or more.

Why did HC Chris Peterson of Boise State leave to take the Washington job? Year after year, I have him as one of the top 5 coaches in the country. What would he do in Texas…LSU…Southern Cal? Sarkesian  to Southern Cal was OK, he knows the program and the area but Peterson would take them to the next level! Jimbo Fisher and Kevin Sumlin received new deals to stay at FSU and Texas A&M. Biggest question left is whether or not Mack Brown can or will stay at Texas. Why hasn’t Georgia fan called for the ouster of Mark Richt yet? Seems like they do that every year, usually after his first loss and they lost 4 games this year.

WEEK 15 Top 25:

  1. FSU 13-0
  2. Auburn 12-1
  3. Alabama 11-1
  4. Stanford 11-2
  5. South Carolina 10-2
  6. Michigan State 12-1
  7. Ohio State 12-1
  8. Missouri 11-2
  9. Baylor 11-1
  10. Oregon 10-2
  11. Clemson 10-2
  12. Oklahoma 10-2
  13. LSU 9-3
  14. Oklahoma State 10-2
  15. Arizona State 10-3
  16. UCF 11-1
  17. Louisville 11-1
  18. Fresno State 11-1
  19. Northern Illinois 11-1
  20. UCLA 9-3
  21. Wisconsin 9-3
  22. Duke 10-3
  23. Notre Dame 8-4
  24. Bowling Green 10-3
  25. Texas A&M 8-4 TIE Georgia 8-4

So, what is left for us to debate? Tonight at 8:30 we get to see everything unfold on the BCS Countdown Show followed by the Bowl Selection Show. The major bowls are all set. You have FSU and Auburn playing for the BCS title, Michigan State vs. Stanford in the Rose Bowl, Alabama vs. Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, Clemson vs. Ohio State in the Orange Bowl, and Baylor vs. UCF in the Fiesta Bowl. Hopefully, and I do mean hopefully, there will be some other good matchups put together. I love Notre Dame but ND playing Rutgers in Yankee Stadium is blah, blah, blah! The biggest loser in all this will be South Carolina. Ranked #5 and teams below them getting bigger payoffs, better games!! Here would be some good pairings. South Carolina vs. Oklahoma State. Oregon vs. Missouri. LSU vs. Arizona State. Louisville vs. UCLA. Wisconsin vs. Georgia. Texas A&M vs. Fresno State. Duke vs. Northern Illinois.  If only they would put me in charge…I could fix this mess in 2 hours!!

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College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 14

The greatest week in college football, rivalry week, provided college fans all around the country everything you could possibly hope.

Texans head coach Gary KubiakSheer entertainment, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, heart pounding finishes, questionable calls, and the realization that your team is still in the hunt or your dream season has vanished. We should have known that when Fresno State’s dream of a BCS bowl game went up in flames that we were going to be in for a wild weekend.

For all of you SEC haters out there, you got your Christmas wish early with Alabama going down in the Iron Bowl. ‘Bama looked tight right from the start and Auburn continued to do what it does best – run the football and hang around until you make a mistake. Sure enough, Alabama missed 3 field goals and when they needed a conversion on 4th and 1, they failed giving Auburn a chance. The Tigers marched down the field and tied the game up. Then the unthinkable happened, a missed 57 yard FG try and Auburn returns the short kick to win the game. What an ending and for the second game in a row, Auburn wins in dramatic fashion. Meanwhile, in Columbia, SC, the Gamecocks were locked up with their rival to the north, Clemson. USC was hoping that the other team from Columbia, Columbia Missouri that is, would fall to Texas A&M and give the Gamecocks a birth in the SEC title game. The Gamecocks handled the Tigers for their 5th win in a row in the series. Clemson turned the ball over 6 times and Dabo is now 1-5 versus Carolina. The SEC championship game is now set with Missouri and Auburn. How many of you out there predicted that title game on August 30??

Let me say this. I am an SEC honk – the SEC is the best conference in America and a 1 loss team from the SEC deserves to be in the BCS title game. If FSU beats Duke, they deserve to be there. If Ohio State beats Michigan State and they win the Big 10 championship, they do not deserve to be there. Their body of work is not impressive at all. They win a very weak conference and beat a bunch of nobodies out of conference. Wasn’t that the knock on Boise State for all of those years? Why should Ohio State be any different? The Buckeyes would be lucky to finish third in the SEC East OR West. Whoever wins the SEC championship should be in the BCS title game vs. FSU….if FSU can beat Duke. In my opinion, the only way OSU can play for the BCS championship is if Duke beats FSU. Then, and only then, should the Luckeyes deserve a chance to play for the ring. I am sorry, but a FSU vs. OSU title game does not get my juices flowing. It would represent all that is wrong with college football and I am a HUGE fan of the game! Two teams from the 2 weakest conferences ( of the big 5 power conferences ) with the weakest schedules having a chance to play in the biggest game of all. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Thank goodness this is the last year for this BCS crap and we may once and for all be able to settle this on the field next year!

Cracking on the Big 10 some more….Is Michigan still in the Big 10 or are they in the MEAC now? How about Wisconsin laying an egg at home to lowly Penn State? After OSU, isn’t Wisconsin the face of the conference? Did Bo and the Cornshuckers lose their 4th game this year….again? Bo has lost 4 games every year since taking over the program but got a big vote of confidence over the weekend from the AD. Mediocrity has set in in Lincoln and it is there to stay.

Speaking of votes of confidence, Will Muschamp got his over the weekend and will be back on the sidelines for the Gators next year. Kevin Sumlin got a new 6 year deal to remain at the helm for the Aggies. I bet he will be glad when Johnny Football and his traveling circus hits the road and goes to the NFL! Texas A&M is investing a lot of money in the program and Kevin is the right man to lead them. There are still a couple of huge coaching decisions to be made. What will happen at USC? Coach Ed has done a wonderful job getting the program going forward again. How about Texas? If the Longhorns beat Baylor this week, will it be enough to save Mack Brown’s job?

Nobody wants to “win” the Heisman. Looks like it may fall in the hands of RB Andre Williams of Boston College!

A TO Z TOP 25:

  1. FSU 12-0
  2. Auburn 11-1
  3. Ohio State 12-0
  4. Missouri 11-1
  5. Alabama 11-1
  6. Stanford 10-2
  7. South Carolina 10-2
  8. Oklahoma State 10-1
  9. Michigan State 11-1
  10. Baylor 10-1
  11. Clemson 10-2
  12. Oregon 10-2
  13. Arizona State 10-2
  14. Northern Illinois 12-0
  15. LSU 9-3
  16. Oklahoma 9-2
  17. UCF 10-1
  18. Fresno State 10-1
  19. Louisville 10-1
  20. UCLA 9-3
  21. Duke 10-2
  22. Wisconsin 9-3
  23. Cincinnati 9-2
  24. Notre Dame 8-4
  25. Texas 8-3


#21 Duke vs. #1 FSU

#4 Missouri vs. #2 Auburn

#3 Ohio State vs. #9 Michigan State

#6 Stanford vs. #13 Arizona State

#16 Oklahoma vs. #8 Oklahoma State

#25 Texas vs. #10 Baylor

#19 Louisville vs. #23 Cincinnati

Conference championship weekend will finally set up the BCS National Championship Game. In the ACC, FSU may have been picked to win the Atlantic, but Duke winning the Coastal?? Great season for Duke and what would happen if FSU overlooks them? How will FSU react as the #1 team in America? Duke has nothing to lose and will play their butts off for Coach Cut! Did anyone pick Stanford to play Arizona State for the PAC 12 championship? Oregon vs. UCLA was the consensus choice. What about the SEC championship game? Who in their right mind would have picked Missouri to meet Auburn? Most experts had South Carolina vs. Alabama. In the Big 10, OSU was a lock but Michigan State ended up as a big surprise!

What if Sparty and the Dookies shock the world this weekend and Auburn beats Missouri? We could have Auburn playing Alabama for the BCS National Championship!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! YES!!!! SEC, SEC, SEC!!!!  Sounds like another “normal” weekend of college football to me!! I love this game.

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College Football 2013 – Recapping Week 11

For all of you SEC haters out there, it looks like you may have to wait a few more weeks in hope of #1 Alabama going down. The Tide rolled again over their nemisis LSU last night in convincing style moving them one step closer to another national championship. The college football world got rocked on Thursday night with Baylor ripping Oklahoma and Stanford handling Oregon. The tone was set for another big time upset but LSU turned the ball over at the Tide 2 yard line early in the game and once ‘Bama got the lead, they never looked back. As of right now, it looks like we are heading towards a BCS National Championship game between Alabama and FSU. And quite honestly, they are the 2 best teams. But, the Tide must get past Auburn ( OK, they do go to Mississippi State this week and then host Chattanooga ) and then team X ( this is where you would insert Missouri, South Carolina, or Georgia ) in the SEC championship game. Something to think about…..The last time Alabama played South Carolina – October 10, 2010 – the Gamecocks handled them 34-21. A championship game between Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban – WOW!! I am not saying South Carolina will win the east, but……

When ESPN airs the BCS Countdown show tonight at 8:30, does it really matter who is ranked 3, 4 ,5, or 6? Of course the Talking Heads will try to make it interesting and tell us that Stanford should be #2 or that Ohio State deserves to play in the title game, or a 2 loss SEC east winner should play for the BCS trophy. Alabama vs. FSU. Period. End of story. Let’s try and make some great bowl match ups instead. Oregon vs. Texas A&M – first team to 100 wins! Clemson vs Louisville in a battle of top QB’s fighting for NFL draft position. Stanford vs. Wisconsin in a battle of “big uglies”. Ohio State vs. Baylor, a clash of 2 teams thinking they deserve to be playing in the BCS title game. Fresno State vs. Northern Illinois, a battle of 2 unbeatens that no one cares about. South Carolina vs. Duke – Steve Spurrier now and then! Texas vs. Auburn – a matchup of 2 recent BCS Champions that fell on hard times and are now working their way back. LSU vs. Oklahoma – Big Game Bob vs. The Hat. Hey, we could have some fun with this…if only I was in charge!

The NCAA needs to go to Durham, NC and conduct an investigation. Duke is bowl eligible. Duke is 7-2. How can that happen? The Dookies are getting ready to host the ‘Canes this week in the biggest ACC game of the year! Wait a minute…I didn’t just say that, did I?? Congrats to Coach Cut and the entire Duke football family. Enjoy the ride!

Newsflash to every coach out there…You better have 2 top notch QB’s on your roster if you plan on going far. Just ask the Florida Gators. They open up 4-1, their QB breaks his leg, and they are now 4-5. South Carolina, Texas A&M, Missouri, and Ohio State have all leaned heavily on their backup QB’s and they have all delivered keeping them in the title hunt.

What has happened at Northwestern? They open with 4 straight wins, move up in the Top 25, and have now lost 5 in a row. How about Texas Tech? They start out 7-0 and have now lost 3 in a row.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Alabama 9-0
  2. FSU 9-0
  3. Stanford 8-1
  4. Baylor 8-0
  5. Ohio State 9-0
  6. Oregon 8-1
  7. Clemson 8-1
  8. Missouri 9-1
  9. Auburn 9-1
  10. Oklahoma State 8-1
  11. Texas A&M 8-2
  12. South Carolina 7-2
  13. Fresno State 9-0
  14. Louisville 8-1
  15. Northern Illinois 9-0
  16. Michigan State 8-1
  17. Oklahoma 7-2
  18. UCLA 7-2
  19. LSU 7-3
  20. Wisconsin 7-2
  21. Miami 7-2
  22. UCF 7-1
  23. Arizona State 7-2
  24. Texas 7-2
  25. TIE  Duke 7-2  Nebraska 7-2


#1 Alabama @ Mississippi State

#3 Stanford @ USC

Texas Tech @ #4 Baylor

Utah @ #6 Oregon

Georgia Tech @ #7 Clemson

Georgia @ #9 Auburn

#10 Oklahoma State @ #24 Texas

Florida @ #12 South Carolina

#16 Michigan State @ #25 Nebraska

#21 Miami @ #25 Duke

What a HUGE week coming up! Georgia Tech usually gives Clemson a dog fight and it will be no different on Thursday night to start another week of madness. How will the Ducks bounce back from their loss to Stanford? Utah beat Stanford. Stanford beats Oregon. Utah ( fill in the blank ) Oregon. MONSTER game for the ACC Coastal Division as Miami, coming off 2 straight losses, travels to Duke. Auburn has total control over the SEC right now. Beat Georgia and they ( Georgia ) are eliminated from the SEC East race. Then, beat Alabama and they ( Auburn ) win the West. A South Carolina win over Florida moves them a step closer to winning the SEC East. They need either Mississippi or Texas A&M to beat Missouri for that to happen. A few weeks ago we would have said that Stanford would blow out USC. Since Lane was booted out of LA, the Trojans are playing inspired football and may give the Cardinal more than they wanted!

Time to kick back, turn on the NFL, and fall asleep!

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