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Professional Slot Machine Players

Vegas Strip

Is it possible to make a living playing slot machines? Well, one man claims to have done just that. In fact, Earnest Cobb has won a huge Slot player Ernest Cobb$10.3 million dollars playing slot machine games. He claims the reason he has won so much is from the karma he gains from giving away 80% of his winnings, as well as the skill in knowing when to walk away and when to join. It’s not just Mr Cobb. People make enough of a living at slots to pay taxes on their earnings.

The secret to being a professional slot machine player is self-control. You do not aim to win the jackpot every day, but win just a small amount each time you play. A professional player will aim to make $100 – $200 in an hour. Each of these small wins soon adds up to a lot of money. If you fancy emulating that kind of success you can try your luck on popular sites like Mega Moolah slots.

Remember the rules and know the tricks of the trade and you could soon start to earn a living. Firstly, do not count any machine as ‘lucky‘. Just because you won a small amount at one machine does not mean you will do the same tomorrow. Once a machine has paid out, move on to another one.

Machines near the entrance and exit of a casino are often programmed to win easily, as they are designed to lure people into thinking they are on a lucky streak. Even if you are playing a machine near an exit or entrance, remember that once the machine has dropped, it’s time to move on to another.

Slots If you haven’t won in a few tries, that machine will not pay out, most likely. Cut your losses and move to another. Playing longer does not mean you will win. Machines don’t pay out just because you have put a lot into them. Pick a number of spins like 10 or 20, and move on after you have tried this many times without success.

Keep your winnings in a separate account from your spending money, and do not dip into it just because you feel like you are on a winning streak. Once you have spent your budget for the day, it’s time to move on. People who play all day and night are not professional slot machine players.

Play maximum bets and maximum lines to increase your chance of winning.

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Realistics Sculptures that will Blow Your Mind

Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Entertainment and Art…realistic sculptures that will blow your mind!

Human Sculptures Exhibition Opens In Melbourne Take a look at these absolutely amazing sculptures of humans in various forms and stages of life.

The works were done by Australian hyperrealist sculptor, Ronald “Ron” Mueck, who uses silicone and mixed media to create shockingly lifelike figures.

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph.

Mueck has three brand-new creations, produced especially for the Fondation Cartier, are on exhibition in Paris until September 29, 2013.

Baby Elephants First Trip to the Beach

The Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, often known simply as the Fondation Cartier, is a contemporary art museum located at 261 boulevard Raspail in the 14th arrondissement of the French capital, Paris.

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