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Florida Shooters Younger Brother Zachary Cruz Arrested for Trespassing

Zachary Cruz Arrested Parkland

Zachary Cruz, the younger sibling of alleged Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz was arrested and taken into custody after he ventured onto the school grounds where his brother is accused of going on a killing rampage.

The Broward County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the 18-year-old after he allegedly rode his skateboard onto school property at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

Florida Governor Calls for FBI Director Christopher Wray to Resignation

Florida Gov FBI resign

Florida Gov. Rick Scott calls for FBI Director Christopher Wray to resign in wake of Parkland school shooting.

This comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday ordered an “immediate review” after it emerged that the FBI had not acted on a recent tip that Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz, 19, wanted to “kill people” and there was the “potential of him conducting a school shooting.”

Public Outrage Against Gun Shop who Sold Florida Shooter the AR-15

florida gun shop owners florida shooter

The Florida gun store that sold Nikolas Cruz the weapon he used to kill 17 people is getting attacked online by people blaming them for the massacre.

According to http://araliasystems.com/press_release/PSIM Press ReleaseHP_fin.doc TMZ.com, Sunrise Tactical Supply, located in Coral Springs, Florida, sold Cruz the AR-15 a year ago.

President Donald Trump Visits Parkland Florida, Won’t discuss Gun Laws

Trump Visits Flordia gun laws

President Donald Trump wouldn’t discuss gun laws in Florida today when he and First Lady Melania visited the hospital where victims of the high school massacre were taken, and some are still being treated.

Trump was ask by  reporters at Broward Health North Hospital if he had that he met with victims?  He’s reply was  ‘Yes I did, yes I did, I did indeed and it’s very sad that something like this happened,’ before continuing to praise hospital staff and first responders.

Dan Mullen has been Hired as Florida Gators Head Coach

Florida Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen, the Gators’ former two-time national championship-winning offensive coordinator, is headed back to Gainesville.

Dan Mullen, issued a statement saying “Megan and I are very excited to get back to Gainesville and the University of Florida,” Mullen said in a statement released by the school. “I have such great memories of the championships we won during our time here and have a love for Florida. We are happy to be coming back to such a supportive administration, staff, student body and fan base, which is the premier football program in the country. We will give relentless effort in everything that we do on and off the field. Our commitment will match the passion that the Gator Nation has for this program.”