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Ohio State Over Michigan Final Score

Ohio State Football:  Survives a Suddenly Feisty Michigan to Keep Its Record Intact…No. 3 Ohio State holds on to beat Michigan 42-41

Ohio State Over MichiganPlayed today, 12:00 PM (ET)
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan’s season had not gone according to plan, but with a victory against Ohio State, much would be forgiven. Now, having just scored, with 32 seconds left, needing only an extra point to tie the game, Michigan Coach Brady Hoke decided to go for the 2-point conversion, to try to salvage the season by dashing Ohio State’s dreams of an undefeated season and a national championship.

But quarterback Devin Gardner threw an interception, sealing No. 3 Ohio State’s 42-41 win, the Buckeyes’ ninth in the last 10 years in the rivalry.

Braxton Miller, Ohio State’s quarterback, accounted for five touchdowns. Carlos Hyde ran for 226 yards. And Coach Urban Meyer improved to 24-0 in two seasons at Ohio State (12-0, 8-0 Big Ten).

If not for the tattoo-parlor scandal, in which players received cash and tattoos in exchange for memorabilia, and the subsequent bowl ban issued by the N.C.A.A., Ohio State might have played in last year’s national championship game. To make it this year, the Buckeyes will have to beat Michigan State next week in the Big Ten Championship game and hope for stumbles by either No. 1 Alabama, which played rival Auburn in a later game Saturday, or No. 2 Florida State, which plays in next week’s Atlantic Coast Conference championship game. Michigan (7-5, 3-5) was supposed to be the least of Ohio State’s worries.  Read full story here

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Three players were ejected after a fight during the second quarter of the annual rivalry game between Ohio State and Michigan Saturday.

Ohio State’s Dontre Wilson and Marcus Hall were ejected, as was Michigan’s Royce Jenkins-Stone.

Hall is a starting offensive lineman for the Buckeyes, and after his ejection was announced, he slammed his helmet on the sidelines, kicked a bench and gave the crowd at the Big House the double-middle-finger salute as he headed to the locker room.

College Football Coaches Net Worth:

Football player, coach, and TV analyst Urban Meyer has a net worth of $18 million.

BCS Standings »

1 Alabama .9881
2 Florida State .9697
3 Ohio State .9200
4 Auburn .8236
5 Missouri .8077
6 Clemson .7726
7 Oklahoma State .7615
8 Stanford .6665
9 Baylor .6456
10 South Carolina .6101

College Football Countdown…Week One Schedule

College Football Countdown to Week One

College Football   2013 NCAA Division I-A Football Schedule – Week 1  [Network Listings]

College Football Schedule-Week One08/29/2013  THURSDAY

6:00 p.m. [ESPN] North Carolina at South Carolina

7:00 p.m. [ESPNU] Tulsa at Bowling Green

7:00 p.m. [BTN] Indiana State at Indiana

7:00 p.m. [BTN] UNLV at Minnesota

8:00 p.m. [FOX SPORTS] Utah State at Utah

9:15 p.m. [ESPN] Mississippi at Vanderbilt

10:30 p.m. [ESPNU] Rutgers at Fresno State

11:00 p.m. [CBS SPORTS] Southern California vs Hawaii

 8/30/2013  FRIDAY

7:00 p.m. [CBS SPORTS] Morgan State at Army

8:00 p.m. [BTN] Western Michigan vs Michigan State

8:00 p.m. [ESPN] Texas Tech at Southern Methodist

8:00 p.m. [ESPNU] Florida Atlantic at Miami (Fla.)

8:30 p.m. [FOX SPORTS] North Dakota State at Kansas State

10:00 p.m. [PAC 12] Northern Arizona vs Arizona

 8/31/2013  SATURDAY

12:00 p.m. [BTN] Massachusetts at Wisconsin

12:00 p.m. [BTN] Southern Illinois at Illinois

12:00 p.m. [ESPN2] Buffalo at Ohio State

12:00 p.m. [ESPNU] Purdue at Cincinnati

12:00 p.m. [ESPNews] Villanova at Boston College

12:00 p.m. [FOX SPORTS] William and Mary at West Virginia

1:00 p.m. [ESPN] Rice at Texas AM

3:30 p.m. [ABC] Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State in Houston, TX

3:30 p.m. [ABC] Syracuse vs Penn State in East Rutherford, NJ

3:30 p.m. [BTN] Central Michigan at Michigan

3:30 p.m. [BTN] Northern Illinois at Iowa

3:30 p.m. [NBC] Temple at Notre Dame

3:30 p.m. [ESPNU] Brigham Young at Virginia

4:00 p.m. [FOX SPORTS] Nicholls State at Oregon

5:30 p.m. [ESPN] Alabama vs Virginia Tech in Atlanta, GA

6:00 p.m. [PAC 12] Eastern Washington at Oregon State

7:00 p.m. [CBS SPORTS] Miami (Ohio) at Marshall

7:00 p.m. [ESPNU] Washington State at Auburn

7:00 p.m. [ESPNews] Kentucky vs Western Kentucky in Nashville, TN

7:30 p.m. [FSN] Wofford at Baylor

8:00 p.m. [ABC] Georgia at Clemson

8:00 p.m. [BTN] Wyoming at Nebraska

8:00 p.m. [LONGHORN] New Mexico State at Texas

9:00 p.m. [ESPN] LSU vs TCU in Arlington, TX

10:00 p.m. [FOX SPORTS] Boise State at Washington

10:00 p.m. [PAC 12] Nevada at UCLA

10:30 p.m. [ESPN2] Northwestern at California

more »

SEC College Football Rankings – Top Divisions 2013

SEC College Football Rankings – Top Divisions

With the college football season just 31 days away ( when Steve Superior and the mighty South Carolina Gamecocks take on that wine and cheese crowd with baby blue unies from the other Carolina ), all the pre-season picks are in and…….NEWSFLASH……the SEC wins it’s 8th consecutive BCS National Championship. So now that has been determined, let’s have a little fun. We all know that the SEC is clearly the top conference in the land. But let’s break it down a little further and examine the top divisions within each of the conferences. In this poll ( unbiased of course ), we have to exclude the BIG 12, American Athletic Conference, Independents, and the Sunbelt Conference – none of them have divisions – sorry!

The number one, numero uno, division in the land is…..drum roll please…..

SEC Football

  1. The SEC East. Tough call especially when the top team in the country resides in Alabama. Think about the top 3 horses in that division. South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. All 3 of these teams will end the year in the Top 10 despite having to beat up on each other throughout the year.
  2. The SEC West. Even though Alabama wins the BCS Championship again, the depth of the east is just a little bit better. LSU is loaded but young. Texas A&M has the Heisman Trophy winner but he can’t keep his name out of the tabloids. Don’t be shocked if he gets kicked out of school – then he can go hang out with Todd Marinovich, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber!
  3. PAC 12 North. Oregon-Stanford. Stanford-Oregon. The talking heads all like Stanford to play Alabama for all the marbles. Could happen, and if it does, can you say….ROLL TIDE?? Too many athletes, too fast, too experienced – just ask the IRISH. Oregon is just not built to play against a team like ‘Bama.
  4. ACC Atlantic. Clemson and FSU. This should be a dog fight all year long. Clemson has the offensive weapons but the defense has been porous lately. Tough schedule with Georgia, FSU, and South Carolina but they play cupcakes in all of their other games. FSU is slowly getting back to national prominence and this has to be a statement year for them.
  5. BIG 10 Legends. The Big 10 keeps screaming for respect but there aren’t too many experts listening. They say there is more to college football than the SEC, but, they have yet to prove anything. This is a coin toss but the Legends Division with Michigan, Nebraska, and Northwestern, edge the Leaders Division ( Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State ).
  6. BIG 10 Leaders. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State. Ohio State has a cake walk to an undefeated season with the most pathetic schedule in the history of college football. The fans will scream for respect but they will continue to slide in the polls due to their inept schedule.
  7. PAC 12 South. A 2 horse race with UCLA and USC. Jim Mora and the Bruins may be on to something in Tinsletown. Pat Haden just gave coach Lane Kiffin a vote of confidence. You know what that means – he will be fired this year and then they can go after Chris Peterson of Boise State!
  8. Mountain West – Mountain Division. Boise State. Coach Chris Peterson. ‘Nuff said!
  9. ACC Coastal. Va. Tech and the “U”. We will see what the Hokies have on August 31 when they open with the Crimson Tide!! The “U” is the 3rd best team in the great state of Florida and they better get it turned around quickly!
  10. Mountain West – West Division. San Diego State. Ho-hum!
  11. Mid American West. All those Michigan schools beat…..
  12. Mid American East. All those Ohio schools!!
  13. Conference USA East. All those schools from the Southeastern part of the country are better than……
  14. Conference USA West. All those schools from the Southwestern part of the country!!

For all you SEC haters out there remember, in the south there a 3 seasons – Spring Football, the regular college season, and recruiting! Here’s to another great season!

SEC Schedule

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Serena Williams Comments Cause Outrage

Serena Williams: Steubenville Rape Victim ‘Shouldn’t Have Put Herself In That Position’

Fresh off her landmark triumph at the French Open, Serena Williams is garnering attention for the wrong reasons.

In an explosive interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the tennis superstar said the Steubenville rape victim “shouldn’t have put herself in that position.”

Serena Williams Comment Cause Outrage

Her comments are made in one paragraph of a lengthy Rolling Stone piece posted online Tuesday about Williams, a 16-time Grand

Slam title winner who is ranked No. 1 heading into Wimbledon, which starts next week.

In the piece, she commented to the magazine’s interviewer, Stephen Rodrick, about the Steubenville case after seeing a news report about it on television.

“Do you think it was fair, what they got? They did something stupid, but I don’t know. I’m not blaming the girl, but if you’re a 16-year-old and you’re drunk like that, your parents should teach you — don’t take drinks from other people,” she told Rolling Stone.

“She’s 16, why was she that drunk where she doesn’t remember? It could have been much worse. She’s lucky. Obviously I don’t know, maybe she wasn’t a virgin, but she shouldn’t have put herself in that position, unless they slipped her something, then that’s different.”

Two players from the celebrated Steubenville, Ohio, high school football team Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16,were convicted in March of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl; one of the boys was ordered to serve an additional year for photographing the girl naked.

The case gained widespread attention in part because of the callousness with which other students used social media to gossip about it.

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