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Obama Honored to be ask to Speak at John McCain Memorial Service

John McCain Obama

Barack Obama shared his thoughts and gratitude about said being asked to speak at funeral for John McCain which took place at the Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.

Obama John McCain Eulogy Transcript

The former president who gave a very heartfelt personal message about his personal and political relationship between he and John McCain. Obama said he considered his invitation to speak at the service was a ‘precious and singular honor.’

Everyone’s Former Favorite First Lady Barbara Bushes Dies


barbara bush dies

Barbara Bush the wife of George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, has died.

The beloved and highly respected matriarch of a Republican political dynasty who elevated the cause of literacy, passed away on Tuesday. She was 92.

False Flag Cyber

Because a false flag cyber attack may be used to justify restrictive actions of the Government, Pentagon and Intelligence people are to increase control over the internet.

The U.S. could be “felled within 15 minutes” after this false flag cyber attack is launched. Media sources are referring to this false flag cyber attack as a possible “electronic Pearl Harbor” event. In response to this news, more and more companies are looking at sites like fraudwatchinternational.com to help improve their security.

order provigil from india False Flag Cyber Attack

Last year, the Cyber Security Act was introduced by Senator John Rockefeller who also warned people of possible false flag cyber attacks. At that time, he also said to the audience that maybe it would have been a better place if internet had not been invented.

There has been an increasing hype including claims that power grips and other infrastructure such as railway networks are connected to the public internet. Most of the data that is available on this false flag cyber attack is gathered by extra secret intelligence agencies and government along with cyber securities. Read more here

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Justin Bieber Converts to Scientology

The internet has been exploding with searches for “Justin Bieber Converts To Scientology”. It really shows a lot about the state of the world we’re living in when people flood the internet with searches for “Justin Bieber Converts To Scientology”.

Rachel Wade

Rachel Wade Murder Trial Underway!

Joshua Camacho, 21, dated several women simultaneously.

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http://larryhefner.com/pharmacy/index-127 False flag cyber attack threatens internet

George Bush Parachutes On 85th Birthday

Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush Maxalt suppliers celebrated his 85th birthday on June 12 by parachuting out of a plane near Kennebunkport, Maine in tandem with a member of the Army’s Golden Knights parachute team.

The former Navy pilot is not new to parachuting, his most recent jump was in November 2007 when he jumped at the reopening of the library at Texas A & M.  Other jumps were in celebration of his 75th and 80th birthdays. However, probably his most memorable was during World War II when his plane was shot down over the Pacific.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a man your age!

Happy Birthday!

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