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Lamar Odom Battling Drug Problem

Lamar Odom NBA

The marriage of http://goldenbeeltd.com/?page_id=3059 Khloe Kardashian and http://kalevalatours.fi/accommodation Lamar Odom is in crisis.

The NBA star married Khloe Kardashian in September 2009.

According to a report from http://evalfor.com/ celebrity gossip website TMZ.com, Lamar Odom has allegedly been dealing with a “hardcore” drug problem for the last two lamar odom drug problemyears.

TMZ reports that Odom spent three weeks in a rehab facility last summer and was clean while playing with the Los Angeles Clippers last season. However, after the season ended, he reportedly started using again.

Odom was a key contributor to the Los Angeles Lakers championships in 2009 and 2010, but his career has gone downhill since being traded to the Dallas Mavericks before the start of the 2012 season.

The versatile 6’10 forward has not been able to regain the form that won him the Sixth Man of the Year Award in 2011, averaging a little over 5 points a game in two seasons with the Mavericks and Clippers.

The 33-year-old Odom is currently a free agent, although he has been linked to both Los Angeles teams at various points in the off-season.

Odom was suspended twice in 2001 for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.

Lamar Odom Quotes

Lamar  Kobe“I put Kobe in a bind out there. He has to score 40 points just for us to win. I don’t blame him for shooting 40 shots some nights. We should be embarrassed as a team. I know I am.”

“When you play good defense, you give yourself opportunities to beat teams. When you play bad defense, you give yourself opportunities to lose to any team.”

“It could have been called a foul. But if it’s not, I guess that means I just didn’t go hard enough. I thought it was a tough move.”

“That’s going to be his place in history. Right now, he’s really focused and feels like it’s his league. Before the 81 points, Kobe should have been getting his due as far as the MVP.”

NBA:  Lamar Joseph Odom is an American professional basketball forward who last played with the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association.

Odom has three children, Destiny (1998), Lamar Jr. (2002),and Jayden (born December 15, 2005), with his ex-girlfriend Liza Morales

Kim Kardashian Top Ten Most Disliked Celebrities on Twitter

Behind Blondie Park Gossip

Drama, Drama, Drame, Kourtney Kardashian

The oldest sibling on the reality television show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has recently been accused of cheating on her Narcissistic husband Scott Disick.  accused

The man she has been accused of cheating with is Michael Girgenti.

Girgenti, is a male model filed a  paternity lawsuit  on  Thursday asking the court to order a DNA test on all the parties involved.

Behind Blondie Park Gossip

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Jennifer Lawrence Vogue

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence VogueCNN:  Drinking with Jennifer Lawrence: The best of her Vogue profile

Keeping her girl-next-door reputation solidly in tact, Jennifer Lawrence’s profile in the September issue of Vogue magazine sets the scene with this suggestion from the actress to the writer: “Should we just get drunk?”

We never learn if they actually accomplished that, but they did get a head start. While hanging out at a New York restaurant, writer Jonathan Van Meter enjoyed vodka as Lawrence, who turns 23 on August 15, had a beer.

A lot was shared over the course of what Van Meter calls a “seven-hour bender.” Here’s the best of it:

The Official Website for Jennifer Lawrence

 She has the “taste buds of a five-year-old”: Don’t try to feed Lawrence arugula, goat cheese or eggplant – she won’t be into it.  Read full story here

Lady Gaga’s Sister in Teen Vouge

People.com:  Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Back Together: Inside Their Romantic Park Date, Plus Photos of the Couple Getting Close.  Read more here

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Oprah Winfrey “Thanks to the Clerk”

Oprah Winfrey

 Oprah on shopping racism: Clerk did me a favor.

In the end, the store clerk who denied Oprah Winfrey a pricey Tom Ford handbag did the mogul a favor.

Oprah Winfrey Purse

Last week, Winfrey told “Entertainment Tonight” that she’d recently experienced racism while shopping in Zurich, Switzerland. The OWN CEO  had her eye on  a crocodile-skin purse in an upscale retailer, yet when she asked to see it a sales associate refused to help, telling her the purse was too expensive for her.

After repeating her request, Winfrey says she was told, “No no no, you don’t want to see that one, you want to see this one, because that one will cost too much and you will not be able to afford that.”

As the top-ranked celebrity on Forbes magazine’s power list with an estimated $77 million earned in the past year, there’s no question that Winfrey could easily afford that purse.

But at $38,000, the media personality tweeted, she wouldn’t have wanted it anyway.

“Turns out that store clerk did me a favor. Just found out that bag was $38K!!! She was right I was NOT going to buy it,” Winfrey tweeted to “ET’s” Nancy O’Dell on Friday, reiterating that she simply wanted to “LOOK at” the item.

With that $38K still lining her pocketbook, Winfrey added that her overall experience in Zurich was pleasant.

“Other than the handbag diss … I had a GREAT time in Zurich,” Winfrey told O’Dell. “Best spa ever (The Dolder Grand). Would love to experience again.”

Designer Tom Ford

Oprah’s Interview With Lance Armstrong

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Toni Braxton has a Major Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]

Tony Braxton Dress

 Toni Braxton Wardrobe Malfunction PHOTOS: Songstress’ Skimpy Dress Falls Apart Onstage, Exposes Butt and Cleavage Before Trench Coat Help Arrives.

Tony Braxton has a wardrobe malfunctionWHOOPS….Un-Break my Heart singer Toni Braxton gave her fans more than they bargained for when she hit the stage in New Brunswick, New Jersey, earlier this week.

As Braxton was  belting out her famous tunes, the skirt of the 45-year-old’s skimpy metallic dress fell down only to expose her bare derriere.

An unsuspecting Toni continued to perform, even despite the tell-tale sound of the crowd cheering even louder when she turned around.

Even a few male fans lucky enough to join her onstage failed to alert Toni of her wardrobe malfunction.

It was only mid-way through the performance that she finally realized the slip and attempted to pull the skirt up to protect her modesty.

After failing several times to get the attire to stay in place, one man finally offered her his suit jacket which she quickly slid on.

Desipte the wardrobe malfunction…Braxton continued to perform.

Toni Braxton – Love Shoulda Brought You Home

See TMZ.com Video Next Page

Tony Braxton Albums

Justin Bieber has appeared in the Celebrity Gossip Radar

Toni Braxton Qoutes

Former Bachelorette Contenstant Brooks Forester Pokes Fun at Desiree’s Fiance

The Bachelor

‘The Bachelorette’s’ Brooks Forester Makes Fun Of Desiree Hartsock’s Fiancé, Chris Siegfried.

On “The Bachelorette” finale Brooks Forester may have congratulated Desiree Hartsock on her engagement to Chris Siegfried … but now he’s making fun of her fiancé on Twitter!

Bachelor Contenstant Brooks ForesterBrooks took to his Twitter last week to post the following message: “Time flies like an arrow. Veggies fly like a tomato.”

While the post may initially be confusing to some, “Bachelorette” fans will recognize that he’s actually poking fun of Chris, who spent the whole season writing poetry for Desiree. Although a few “Bachelorette” viewers will openly admit to rolling their eyes at some of Chris’ rhyming, the overall feeling on his poetry was that it was a really sweet gesture — and obviously Desiree agreed!

It’s easy to believe that Brooks’ post could be an inside joke rather than a stab at Chris … except Desiree’s ex-boyfriend actually name dropped Chris in his next tweet. When one of his followers replied, “You should write a poem,” Brooks responded: “Poems are written and poems are read but thanks to @ChrisRSiegfried poems are dead. #MuchLoveChris.”

Chris, a Seattle mortgage banker took the high road and didn’t take the time to respond to Brooks’ Twitter diss. In fact, he’s ignoring his fellow “Bachelorette” contestant and continuing to post poems for his Twitter followers!

Brooks Forester  might be emotionally damaged. “I broke Brooks’ heart and he’s never forgiven me,” 28-year-old model Erin Reese tells The Enquirer. “I dated him for nearly two years, and about 18 months ago we called it quits.”  Read more here

Brooks Forester Likes Older Women

UPDATE:  the bridal stylist’s brother is declaring what many already believe – that she said ‘yes’ to Chris Siegfried because she wanted to wed one way or another.  Read more here

Season 18 Begins  on January 6, 8:00 p.m.

The Next Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galvis Season 8About:   He is  a 32-year-old Venezuelan-American, former soccer player.

He is “one of the most popular contestants ever featured” whose “accent alone is sexy,” and women apparently make t-shirts emblazoned with his name so sure, let’s do this thing. And did you know he cares deeply for his daughter, probably more than Ben ever did for his son?

He Skypes and dances with her in the cutest life insurance commercial I’ve ever seen. My only question, and it’s more of an open comment: They’re going to give him language lessons before this next season starts, right?

The guy said all of five words to Desiree this season, the most prominent of which was “si” when she asked if he’d accept her roses.

PHOTO 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s Ex, Carla Rodriguez

See  Soccer Video Here

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