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Oprah Winfrey “Thanks to the Clerk”

Oprah Winfrey

 Oprah on shopping racism: Clerk did me a favor.

In the end, the store clerk who denied Oprah Winfrey a pricey Tom Ford handbag did the my company mogul a favor.

chloroquine tablet cvs Oprah Winfrey Purse

Last week, Winfrey told “Entertainment Tonight” that she’d recently experienced racism while shopping in Zurich, Switzerland. The OWN CEO  had her eye on  a crocodile-skin purse in an upscale retailer, yet when she asked to see it a sales associate refused to help, telling her the purse was too expensive for her.

After repeating her request, Winfrey says she was told, “No no no, you don’t want to see that one, you want to see this one, because that one will cost too much and you will not be able to afford that.”

As the top-ranked celebrity on Forbes magazine’s power list with an estimated $77 million earned in the past year, there’s no question that Winfrey could easily afford that purse.

But at $38,000, the media personality tweeted, she wouldn’t have wanted it anyway.

“Turns out that store clerk did me a favor. Just found out that bag was $38K!!! She was right I was NOT going to buy it,” Winfrey tweeted to “ET’s” Nancy O’Dell on Friday, reiterating that she simply wanted to “LOOK at” the item.

With that $38K still lining her pocketbook, Winfrey added that her overall experience in Zurich was pleasant.

“Other than the handbag diss … I had a GREAT time in Zurich,” Winfrey told O’Dell. “Best spa ever (The Dolder Grand). Would love to experience again.”

Designer Tom Ford

Oprah’s Interview With Lance Armstrong

Behind Blondie Park

Former Bachelorette Contenstant Brooks Forester Pokes Fun at Desiree’s Fiance

The Bachelor

‘The Bachelorette’s’ Brooks Forester Makes Fun Of Desiree Hartsock’s Fiancé, Chris Siegfried.

On “The Bachelorette” finale Brooks Forester may have congratulated Desiree Hartsock on her engagement to Chris Siegfried … but now he’s making fun of her fiancé on Twitter!

Bachelor Contenstant Brooks ForesterBrooks took to his Twitter last week to post the following message: “Time flies like an arrow. Veggies fly like a tomato.”

While the post may initially be confusing to some, “Bachelorette” fans will recognize that he’s actually poking fun of Chris, who spent the whole season writing poetry for Desiree. Although a few “Bachelorette” viewers will openly admit to rolling their eyes at some of Chris’ rhyming, the overall feeling on his poetry was that it was a really sweet gesture — and obviously Desiree agreed!

It’s easy to believe that Brooks’ post could be an inside joke rather than a stab at Chris … except Desiree’s ex-boyfriend actually name dropped Chris in his next tweet. When one of his followers replied, “You should write a poem,” Brooks responded: “Poems are written and poems are read but thanks to @ChrisRSiegfried poems are dead. #MuchLoveChris.”

Chris, a Seattle mortgage banker took the high road and didn’t take the time to respond to Brooks’ Twitter diss. In fact, he’s ignoring his fellow “Bachelorette” contestant and continuing to post poems for his Twitter followers!

Brooks Forester  might be emotionally damaged. “I broke Brooks’ heart and he’s never forgiven me,” 28-year-old model Erin Reese tells The Enquirer. “I dated him for nearly two years, and about 18 months ago we called it quits.”  Read more here

Brooks Forester Likes Older Women

UPDATE:  the bridal stylist’s brother is declaring what many already believe – that she said ‘yes’ to Chris Siegfried because she wanted to wed one way or another.  Read more here

Season 18 Begins  on January 6, 8:00 p.m.

The Next Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galvis Season 8About:   He is  a 32-year-old Venezuelan-American, former soccer player.

He is “one of the most popular contestants ever featured” whose “accent alone is sexy,” and women apparently make t-shirts emblazoned with his name so sure, let’s do this thing. And did you know he cares deeply for his daughter, probably more than Ben ever did for his son?

He Skypes and dances with her in the cutest life insurance commercial I’ve ever seen. My only question, and it’s more of an open comment: They’re going to give him language lessons before this next season starts, right?

The guy said all of five words to Desiree this season, the most prominent of which was “si” when she asked if he’d accept her roses.

PHOTO 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’s Ex, Carla Rodriguez

See  Soccer Video Here

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Courteney Cox Breaks Wrist in Cancun

Courteney Cox Caribbean vacation took a turn for the worst on Saturday.

Courteney Cox Breaks Wrist

The actress reportedly fell and broke her wrist…forcing her to return to the States.

 Cox was vacationing in Cancun when she slipped and fell.  In an attempt to break her fall…she snapped her wrist on impact.

According to sources the gossip website…the break was quite nasty.

She was seen by a physician at her hotel.

A temporary cast was place on her wrist.

She has since returned and will treated by her own physicians. It’s unclear if surgery will be necessary.

♦Which famous actress is scared of butterflies?

*Meryl Streep *Nichole Kidman *Courtney Cox

♦Which famous actor was once a milkman?

*Paul Newman  *Sean Connery  *Clint Eastwood

♦Which actor was considered for the role of Forrest Gump?

*Bill Murray  *Nicholas Cage *Robin Williams

♦Which of these famous people did not have a belly button?

*George Burns  *Alfred Hitchcock *Tom Landry


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Justin Bieber Strikes Again

Justin Bieber is fastly become the female version of Amanda Bynes….Justin please!  Always in the news for all the wrong reasons.


The “dweebers”  Saturday night visit to a New York club ended in mass brawl after teen punk  ‘went nuts’ in  the V.I.P area.

The club, South Pointe, is located in the Hamptons and is a “hot spot” known for it’s glitzy and glamorous patrons.

According to sources, Justin, his entourage and four of his bodyguards arrived at the club at 2:00 am.  Immediately they “took over” the VIP section which was roped off.

There are conflicting reports about how the altercation began…. According to The New York Post, the fight started between Bieber’s security team and people who tried to swarm the 19 year old singer as he left the club. According to the South Pointe rep, Bieber was swarmed by fans trying to see him and get his picture as he as his friends tried to load into their car. “Security was pushing people away… and that’s when the altercation happened,” said the rep.

It  was also reported that the altercation between Bieber, his entourage and an unidentified male club-goer started  when a female patron tried to hit on “Justin.”   The male club-goer reportedly became aggressive.  It was then that things got heated.

Bieber’s security team escorted him outside the club to cool off.  According to, things flared up again when Bieber jumped through the sunroof and landed on the car’s hood.  It remains unclear what happened at that point, but the clubgoer was reportedly seen knocked out on the cement and  was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center for treatment.

The alleged victim has contacted officers to file an assault claim. A spokesperson said, “The victim is pressing charges,” adding that the complaint was not about Bieber but people in his entourage.

More conflicting reports:

Multiple sources  reported that the altercation happened after Bieber had left the club South Pointe and a patron allegedly threw a rock at the star’s SUV  Justin’s security stopped the car and beat him up. Justin stayed in the car and wasn’t involved.”

Sources also reported that the  altercation happened in the nightclub’s parking lot.  However, security tapes from the nightclub confirm the incident happened away from the venue, on Tuckahoe Road.

An investigation is still pending.

X Factor Judge Simon Cowell Father to Be

Simon Cowell is going to be a dad.

Simon Cowell New Father

“X Factor” judge, Simon Cowell is reportedly going to be a dad.

The  expectant mother is Lauren Silverman.  She is the 36-year-old wife of Simon Cowell’s best friend  New York Real Estate Mogul…Andrew Silverman.  They  have a seven-year-old son.

According to sources….their “As their marriage deteriorated, she and Simon became close.”

The source added “it wasn’t until Lauren, and Andrew ended their relationship that around a year ago her friendship with Cowell turned to romance.”

X Factor Simon Cowell

Technically, the Silverman’s are still married.

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Former X Factor Judge Tulisa Arrested on Suspicion of Supplying Cocaine  

Tula Paulinea “Tulisa” Contostavlos, sometimes known simply as Tulisa, is an English singer-songwriter.

Tulisa Contostavlos News

She is best known for being a member of the now defunct Camden-based hip hop group N-Dubz, with her cousin Dappy and their friend Fazer.

Former X Factor Judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been arrested on suspicion of supplying class A drugs.

The Sun exposed her setting up a cocaine deal; taping her has she fixed a £800 handover with a drug-dealer pal.

Tulisa told undercover Sun reporters at London’s Nobu restaurant: “Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One’s a massive cocaine dealer. He’s my best friend.”

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