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Convicted Felon Jeremy Meek Headed for Divorce After Photos Surface

Divorce Jeremy Meeks Leaves Wife for Chloe Green

DIVORCE!  ” You can have him Chloe Green!”

The wife of convicted felon Jeremy Meeks, aka the “Hot Mugshot Guy” or “Hot Felon” or “Hot Convict,” is fed up!

She is reportedly planning to divorce Meeks after she was subjected to public “humiliation” after learning that her husband of eight year was cheating on her.

Smells like divorce!

He was spotted kissing Topshop heiress Chloe Green during a work vacation in Turkey earlier this month.

Melisa Meeks, Jeremy Meeks WifeJeremy Meeks family hires managerJeremy Meeks ThreatenedGossip Oprah Jeremy MeeksJeremy Meeks' is the guy that women have been swooning over ever since his mugshot went viral on June 18.Jeremy Meeks, 30, a convicted felon, was arrested Wednesday on five weapons charges and one gang chargeJeremy Meeks Designer

In case you missed it… Jeremy Meeks was photographed kissing Topshop heiress Chloe Green, despite still being married. the day the photos were released, she shared this photo saying, “Just the beginning… we appreciate all the love and the hate.” The caption has since been deleted. ”

Wife of Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Celebrates the 4th with a Puff of Smoke


Melisa Meeks, Jeremy Meeks Wife

The not so wife of ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks was seen out and about celebrating the 4th of  her home.

But Melissa Meeks, 38, a vocational nurse, wasn’t alone.  She reportedly spent the day  with her sister Michelle Curl, 43, and her three children.

Jeremey Meeks No Designer Suits No Cameras

Jeremy Meeks, appeared in federal court today where he was  indicted due to his previous conviction on grand theft from back in 2002.

Jeremy Meeks Appeared in CourtDue to the previous arrest, prosecutors are charging that Meeks was a convicted felon in possession of a .45 semi-automatic Springfield Arms pistol during his June 18 arrest.

Meeks, became an online sensation to 100’s of women after his mugshot photo made it’s way into cyberspace.

According to his agent, Gina Rodriguez, Meeks reportedly signed a modeling contract this week with Santa Monica-based Blaze Models.

Therefore, he ask the court to allow him to wear designer suit during his trial.  The judge denied his request telling him that he would be required to dress like all the other criminals.

Since Meeks request was denied… Meeks’ attorney will file a motion this morning to prevent the media from taking ANY photographs or video of the hearing set for next week.  In the court documents, Meeks lawyers argument is that Meeks’ mug shot has been shown by tens of thousands of media outlets, and has “become woven in the fabric of pop culture.”

Meeks attorney also argues that if Meeks is seen in jail duds, it will make him look guilty and hurt his chances of getting an unbiased jury.  Oh please!

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Jeremy Meeks’ Family Hires Manager

The family of Jeremy Meeks family has reportedly hired a manager to  turn his life of thug-ism into millions….Who in the heck is Gina Rodriguez?

Gina Rodriguez Manager Jeremy MeeksUpdate:  Last week we reported that hot ‘thug” criminal Jeremy Meeks employer, had received death threats. However, upon further review we would like to make some changes to our initial story since we now have more specific details.

It is his new manager Gina Rodiguez who claims she has received threats.

First in reference to our use of the word employer….that should actually be his “manager.”  As we reported previously, Meeks’ family, who were initially upset over all the hype the “mugshot” photo has caused…must have decided that the hoopla could be a really good thing and just what they need to bail their convicted felon family member out of the slammer.

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