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Big Brother’s Favorite Showmance Couple on The Amazing Race

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Amazing Race Cody Jessica

CBS has confirmed the news that Big Brother 19 showmance couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson will be setting out across the world in the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race” and they better pack fast because the new game starts next week.

Marie Osmond’s Heartache Over Daughter’s Gayness!

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source site So you ask….who is Jessica Osmond?  She is the daughter of   the  buying cytotec online without prescription Osmond duo’s Marie Osmond.  According to the entertainment website Perez Hilton, Marie Osmond has been keeping a secret about her daughter’s sexual preferences.

Marie Osmond’s daughter Jessica is gay and lives with her partner of three years in Los Angeles.  Although it is not official, the couple considers themselves united….married so to speak.

Globe Magazine reported according to sources close to the family that it’s Marie’s  “biggest heartache”  because she wants grandchildren.  Read More of this story at the Globe.

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