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Hailey Baldwin Changes Name to Bieber on Social Media Accounts

cytotec no script instagram Hailey Baldwin

After two months of marriage, Hailey Baldwin, the newlywed bride of Justin Bieber is laying claim to her new last name.

azithromycin generic price india Hailey, the daughter of Baldwin brother, Stephen, has changed her Instagram handle to @HaileyBieber which she has since removed.

The couple were engaged in July and tied the knot to Justin Bieber in a surprise courthouse ceremony on Sept. 13th.

Selena Gomez Going Low Key After Release from Psychiatric Facility

Selena Gomez Gossip

Selena Gomez has checked out of the has left the psychiatric facility where she has hospitalized for the last 30 days.

While in treatment, she was  involved ‘dialectical behavior therapy,’ which was described as ‘a therapy that treats various mental health disorders.’

Many have speculated that Selena had a breakdown not over her health but rather of her ex Bieber and his swift marriage to Hailey Baldwin, 21,  the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin.

Selena Gomez Hospitalization and Emotional Breakdown Update

Selena Gomez Update

Selena Gomez was hospitalized two times in just weeks.

According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill… the first was due to low white blood cell count.

Her second admission came after she suffered a panic attack.

Selena Gomez Causes Insta-anger on Instagram

She has been dealing with depression and anxiety for 5 years.

She has had a tough few weeks and the panic attack in the hospital was the tipping point.

Selena Gomez Seeks Mental Health Treatment Following Breakdown

Selena Gomez Mental Health

Pop singer, Selena Gomez is reportedly undergoing mental health treatment after suffering an ’emotional breakdown.’

According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill, Gomez, 26, has been hospitalized twice over the past two weeks.

The first admission in the last week of September. Friends were concerned and intervened after finding the singer at her Studio City resident where she was feared to be ‘despondent and emotional’ over her alarmingly low white blood cell count in the wake of her kidney transplant. She was taken to Cedars-Sinai where she stayed for a number of days.

Late last week she had to be re-admitted for the same problem, but this time she reacted much worse.

Gossip News Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Turn up the Heat in NYC

Gossip News about Justin Bieber

It appears that the celebrity gossip news rumor mill’s recent speculation about Justin Biebers rekindled relationship with actress Hailey Baldwin are just as they appear.

Bieber and Baldwin, who split in 2015, have been seen partying in Los Angeles and New York over the past few weeks.

Justin Bieber Punches Guy at a Coachella Party

On Saturday, they were seen lip locked against a rail overlooking the East River in NYC which would clearly raise speculation that they’re “more than just friends.”

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