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A Game Of Firsts….Put On Your Sports Thinking Cap

Simon Cowell New Father

In the fascinating world of sports, which event will happen first between the following pairings:

A-Rod is suspended for the rest of the year for PED’s, or, Johnny Marinovich Manziel goes on a drinking binge and gets kicked out of school?Sports Humor

Tiger Woods wins a major golf tournament, or, Lindsey Vonn wins a downhill skiing event?

Lane Kiffin gets fired, or, Rex Ryan finally gets the boot in New York?

Danica Patrick wins a NASCAR race, or, Michelle Wie wins an LPGA tour event?

Dick Vitale says says…”IT’S AWESOME BAABY, or Chris Berman says…”BACK, BACK, BACK”?

Brady Hoke says…”There is more to college football than the SEC, or, Urban Meyer says the Buckeyes should be ranked #1?

A Russian owner wins the NBA Championship, or, a Canadian owner wins the Stanley Cup?

We have a Triple Crown winner in horse racing, or we have another Triple Crown winner in MLB?

LeBron wins not one, not two, not three, not four NBA Championships, or, Nick Saban and Alabama win not one, not two, not three, not four BCS National Championships?

Marv Albert  is arrested for biting a women in the heat of passion, or, Mike Tyson is arrested for biting the ear off of a bar patron?

Mark Sanchez is holding a clipboard for the rest of the year, or, Kanye West is holding his #$%&@ at a rap concert?

Ryan Braun says…”I never took those steroids”, or, Bill Clinton says…”I never had sex with that woman”?

Sports, entertainment, and politics. What would we do without them???

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Olympic Swimmer Rejects Lebron James

REJECTION….Lauren Perdue, a U.S. Olympic swimmer who competed in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the 2012 Summer games  is making headlines for doing more than just swimming. 

The twenty-one-year old, who attended the University of Virginia…caused a Twitter” buzz” when she tweeted…that USA Olympic and NBA basketball player “LeBron James just invited me to dinner…Um wuuuutttt?!?”  The tweet followed with a photo which she posted on Instagram of the two of them together.  She also tweeted that she rejected the invite because she has a “curfew.”

In an interview she told Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler…  “He was kind of joking but he was basically like, ‘Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?’ And I said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, I have a curfew.’ So I turned that one down, yeah.

When the cats away…the rats will play… Savannah Brinson, Lebron’s fiance is currently in Cleveland. She was called away from the Olympic Village – to testify in an ongoing lawsuit.  See Photo Here

 Team USA rallies past Lithuania, 99-94, to stay perfect in London.

The U.S. trailed twice in the final seven minutes before improving to 4-0 in Olympic basketball tournament.

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PHOTOS Gabrielle Union and Dewayne Wade Hit the Beach

NBA star Dewayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union hit the beach in Miami this weekend. Joining the Miami Heat star were his children…Oh yeah and sporting a black Miami Heat bikini…well that would be Union.

LeBron James Takes the Plunge Video

LeBron James was recently in Barcelona, Spain on a promotional tour for Nike.  While there he visited the diving venue where the 1992 summer Olympics were held. James was coaxed onto one of the diving platforms where he took the 33 foot plunge..but not unit he made sure that Maverick Carter went in first.

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Sports Wish List For 2012

Sports Wish List For 2012

There are so many great things associated with the world of sports, the games, the personalities, the human interest stories, that I would like to see the following things happen in 2012. Here is my wish list for a great year in sports:


Tiger has had his problems over the last few years. He gave the rest of the world a chance to take over and dominate the game – it didn’t happen and now that his swing and body is working again, look out! I just hope that at some point in time, a rivalry develops - Tiger vs, Rory, Tiger vs. Phil, Tiger vs. Lee, Tiger vs. Dustin. Somebody please step up and take the challenge! It doesn’t have to be Tiger versus ??? The problem is there is too much money out there and these guys don’t have to work for it on a weekly basis to make a billion dollars. Play 12 – 15 times a year, get some appearance fees, finish in the top 10 a couple of times, win 1 tournament, and life is good! Way too good!! It’s a great game but, like any other sport, America thrives on rivalries and we need it to fuel our interest. Welcome back Tiger and let’s watch your competitors melt in front of you!


Won’t it be great that there is no labor unrest in any of the major sports! Imagine, a season in which there is a fully uninterupted year, all scheduled games are played, athletes report on time, get in shape, avoid injuries, and are able to play the entire season. Boring, meaningless preseason games are played and we love it!! Training camps start on time, teams are able to put in their schemes, over priced athletes hold out, salaries are negotiated, and trades are made. We just may have this in 2012!
All players found guilty of using PEDS are suspended for 1 year. The unions can’t step in and cry foul! If convicted for the second time, they are banned for LIFE! Let’s get the games cleaned up and bring back a sense of honesty and purity to all sports. I am tired of doping and cheating. When the average life expectancy age of an NFL player is 59, we have a problem and questions need to be asked!


How great would it be if the Miami Heat, LeBron and company, fail to win an NBA championship again. All the hype, all the talent gets beat by a team of hungry athletes instead of an All-Star team. I am seeing a shift in talent and a shift of power teams. What could happen in the very near future is that you could have a few teams in the West ( Clippers vs. the Lakers ) and in the East ( Heat vs.?? ) fighting it out for a more natural “East vs. West” rivalry. The sport needs it but it also needs the Lakers and the Celtics to remain competitive. Kobe won’t be here forever and the Celtic’s “Big 3″ have seen their better days. Danny Ainge needs to move quickly and rebuild this proud franchise quickly to keep the Celts relevant. Will the Knicks ever be in the competitive mix?


There are more questions coming out of college football than there is space on this website to write about! Can ‘Bama repeat ( YES – they have another monster recruiting class coming in )? Will LSU finally have a QB to lead them to another championship ( the best news coming out of spring practice will be that Jordan Jefferson will never don a Tiger uniform again )? Can the Fighting Irish become a top 10 school again ( see LSU- THEY must find a QB )? Will FSU build off this past season and take control over the very weak ACC? What will life be like for Boise State without Kellen Moore? Does Big Game Bob Stoops build up hope for the Sooners and then see it slip away? Can Urban restore the Luckeyes? Or, does Brady Hoke and the Wolverines regain dominance in the Big 10? Has Charlie Weiss finally found a home after stops in New England, Notre Dame, Florida, and now in Kansas? Lastly, and with great sorrow, what does Penn State look like without JoePa? Here is hoping that these and so many more questions get answered. My BCS Championship game right now is Alabama vs. USC. You don’t give Nick Saban 5 weeks to prepare for a game!!


This season is living up to all the hype already with several teams being ranked # 1 at various times. There is no clear cut favorite at this point. Right now I would have to give a slight edge to Ohio State. Syracuse, UNC, Duke, Baylor, Kentucky, and Missouri have all shown that they may make a run at the Final 4. Who will become the media darling, the 2012 Cinderella team, the one team that busts everyone’s bracket, to reach the Final 4?  For all of you and your office pools, remember, guards can dominate a “6″ game season and carry a team all the way! Now, if only the powers that be in college football would take a chapter out of basketball and fix the mess know as the BCS, we may have something. Imagine a college football season in which there are 10-12 team conferences, all teams play the same number of games, every conference is re-aligned geographically and has a conference championship, the conference champions advance to the playoffs, a true national champion is crowned, and we still have bowl games for those teams that didn’t win their conference. WOW – talk about a wish!!


It looks like, after all the off season moves, that there is a big power shift in baseball. Whether Bud adds 1 more playoff team this year or not, the power of baseball lies in the American League. I will take the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, Angels, and Tigers over the Phillies all day long. In a perfect world, the Sox beat the Phillies in Philadelphia in game 7 when Papelbon gives up a 9th inning bomb to Big Papi! How sweet it is!!

There are a lot of questions to be answered in 2012:

Will Sid the Kid ever get back on the ice?

Does Peyton Manning ever wear a football uniform again?

Will Floyd and Manny ever get it on?

Is Derek Jeter the next great Yankee to retire?

Can LeBron ever win a championship?

Will Tiger regain his form and continue his assault on all of Jack’s records?

Is this the year when Dale Jr. finally wins a race?

So many questions, so many games, so many scenarios – that’s why they play the games! Just think, college football starts on February 1 with national signing day! I can’t wait to hear……pitchers and catchers report! Gentlemen start your engines! The back 9 on Sunday at Augusta National! Let’s get ready to rumble! With the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select…Andrew Luck – QB from Stanford! I am getting chills already!!

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LeBron James Takes the Plunge

LeBron James was recently in Barcelona, Spain on a promotional tour for Nike.  While there he visited the diving venue where the 1992 summer Olympics were held.

James was coaxed onto one of the diving platforms where he took the 33 foot plunge..but not unit he made sure that Maverick Carter went in first.

Watch Video Here

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Lebron James

Lebron James Scored Ten to Win The heat was on tonight when Lebron James scored the last 10 points of the game against the Celtics. Final score 97 -87.  This win secured a spot in the Eastern Conference finals.

Sports Trivia

Sports Trivia…Answers next page 1.  What 35 year old male athlete made $75,000,000 last year? 2.  What European soccer great made $40,000,000 last year to be the fifth highest athlete in the world? 3.  At he age of 24, this female tennis player earned  $24,000.000 last year? 4.  What NFL Quarterback dated Carrie Underwood?

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Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat last night to claim the NBA season championship title.  The game which took place on Miami’s home court ended with a final score of  105 to 95.

This is the first NBA title for the Mavericks and they have Jason Terry to thank for last nights victory.  Terry score 27 of the 105 points.

Dirk Nowitzki’s was the series MVP.

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Lebron James

Lebron James Scored Ten to Win The heat was on tonight when Lebron James scored the last 10 points of the game against the Celtics. Final score 97 -87.  This win secured a spot in the Eastern Conference finals.

Tiger Woods Falls Out of the Top Ten

Tiger Woods has fallen out of the top ten professional golf rankings for the first time in 14 years.  The week before he won the Masters in April 1997, he dropped to 13th.   Woods last win was at the Australian Masters 18 months ago.

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