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There is no “I” in team but there are 2 “I’s” in Miami

Finally, normalcy was restored in the NBA with the Spurs dismantling the Heat in 5 games to win the NBA Championship.

The concept of buying championships just reeks in all professional sports these days so it was a breath of fresh air last week when the ultimate team, the NBA finalsSan Antonio Spurs, shredded LBJ, D-Wade, and Chris B. You grow up playing sports with the understanding that the team wins – not the individuals. However, when you get to the NBA, it’s all about me. So when you see team defense, team offense, team rebounding, a single mind set, a coach not afraid to bench or confront an athlete, and the love they all have for each other, you got to believe it is still ( and always will be ) the right way to play sports.

Here is the reality. Stop trying to compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan. MJ is the best ever and LBJ is a distant 8th or 9th. Period. End of discussion. ‘Bron wilted in the San Antonio heat and could not put the Heat on his back and carry them to another title. The theory in the NBA is that you have to have 3 stars to win a title. The great Laker teams of the ’80′s had 3 plus a great supporting cast.

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Today’s Sports News and Notes..The hip, The hop, The happening

Just when you thought the world of sports was in a “dark period” ( not much happening ), all hell broke loose this week. No NFL, No NCAA Final 4, No College football…No problem! Stupidity never takes a timeout!

Donald Sterling NewsWhere do I start…Let’s start with NENE last night as the Baltimore Bullets, I mean the Washington Wizards, basically had a chance to put away the Bulls. But no….NENE ( I thought names like this were reserved to Futbol ) did his best MMA impression and put a dreadlock, I mean a headlock, on the Bulls Jimmy Butler. Newsflash…Instead of being up 3-0, the Wizards are up 2-1 and Uncle Mo just jumped on the backs of the Bulls. Stay tuned….

Hey LeBron, you got knocked on your ASS last night. Stop whining. What if this was 15 years ago and you were facing the Bad Boys? Lambier would have knocked you down and Mahorn would have stepped on your neck! Think Magic would have planted a kiss on your cheek? Would Larry, Kevin, and the Chief let you walk down the lane and posterize them? Doubt it! This is the playoffs, this is big boy basketball. Get some GONADS!

Gotta love basketball. Michigan’s Mitch McGary misses the year with a back injury. He decides to burn a few doobies during March Madness and fails a drug test. No problem, he can walk away from the college game and the NBA will draft him in the first round and he will make millions. Of course he learned his lesson. He will never burn one again…wink, wink, nod, nod!

Maybe the height of stupidity happened in Fenway Park on Wednesday when Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda was tossed for having pine tar on his neck. Are you freaking kidding me?? Pine tar on his neck..on National TV…Yankees vs. Red Sox…A history of doctoring the ball already??? It may be one of baseball’s “unwritten rules” that it is OK to load up a ball but a gob of the goo on your neck is about as dumb as it gets!

Albert Pujols just hit HR # 500. Should be a great milestone, a monumental achievement. But in the steroid era, who really believes it was done without the juice. A sad time for MLB.

Hey some good news for the Bluebloods…Cauley-Stein, Lee, Johnson, Poythress, Aaron and Andrew Harrison will return to Kentucky for their second season. With that core group and another top recruiting class coming in, the Wildcats may be tought o beat in ’14-’15. Had Duke’s Parker and Hood stayed, we could have been looking at potentially one of the greatest NCAA Championship games in the history of college basketball. Oh, well, money is more important!

Love golf, but we need Tiger back. Not many personalities out there with Phil floundering and “T” sitting home playing video games. Jack’s records may be safe after all! Did Jordan Spieth’s lack of maturity or immaturity cost him the Green Jacket?

And how about the biggest idiot of all – Clippers owner Donald Sterling. I am not even going to address his outlandish, idiotic, racist, 1920′s mentality comments. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s legacy in year one may hinge on his handling of this situation.

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A Game Of Firsts….Put On Your Sports Thinking Cap

Simon Cowell New Father

In the fascinating world of sports, which event will happen first between the following pairings:

A-Rod is suspended for the rest of the year for PED’s, or, Johnny Marinovich Manziel goes on a drinking binge and gets kicked out of school?Sports Humor

Tiger Woods wins a major golf tournament, or, Lindsey Vonn wins a downhill skiing event?

Lane Kiffin gets fired, or, Rex Ryan finally gets the boot in New York?

Danica Patrick wins a NASCAR race, or, Michelle Wie wins an LPGA tour event?

Dick Vitale says says…”IT’S AWESOME BAABY, or Chris Berman says…”BACK, BACK, BACK”?

Brady Hoke says…”There is more to college football than the SEC, or, Urban Meyer says the Buckeyes should be ranked #1?

A Russian owner wins the NBA Championship, or, a Canadian owner wins the Stanley Cup?

We have a Triple Crown winner in horse racing, or we have another Triple Crown winner in MLB?

LeBron wins not one, not two, not three, not four NBA Championships, or, Nick Saban and Alabama win not one, not two, not three, not four BCS National Championships?

Marv Albert  is arrested for biting a women in the heat of passion, or, Mike Tyson is arrested for biting the ear off of a bar patron?

Mark Sanchez is holding a clipboard for the rest of the year, or, Kanye West is holding his #$%&@ at a rap concert?

Ryan Braun says…”I never took those steroids”, or, Bill Clinton says…”I never had sex with that woman”?

Sports, entertainment, and politics. What would we do without them???

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Olympic Swimmer Rejects Lebron James

REJECTION….Lauren Perdue, a U.S. Olympic swimmer who competed in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the 2012 Summer games  is making headlines for doing more than just swimming. 

The twenty-one-year old, who attended the University of Virginia…caused a Twitter” buzz” when she tweeted…that USA Olympic and NBA basketball player “LeBron James just invited me to dinner…Um wuuuutttt?!?”  The tweet followed with a photo which she posted on Instagram of the two of them together.  She also tweeted that she rejected the invite because she has a “curfew.”

In an interview she told Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler…  “He was kind of joking but he was basically like, ‘Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?’ And I said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, I have a curfew.’ So I turned that one down, yeah.

When the cats away…the rats will play… Savannah Brinson, Lebron’s fiance is currently in Cleveland. She was called away from the Olympic Village – to testify in an ongoing lawsuit.  See Photo Here

 Team USA rallies past Lithuania, 99-94, to stay perfect in London.

The U.S. trailed twice in the final seven minutes before improving to 4-0 in Olympic basketball tournament.

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PHOTOS Gabrielle Union and Dewayne Wade Hit the Beach

NBA star Dewayne Wade and actress Gabrielle Union hit the beach in Miami this weekend. Joining the Miami Heat star were his children…Oh yeah and sporting a black Miami Heat bikini…well that would be Union.

LeBron James Takes the Plunge Video

LeBron James was recently in Barcelona, Spain on a promotional tour for Nike.  While there he visited the diving venue where the 1992 summer Olympics were held. James was coaxed onto one of the diving platforms where he took the 33 foot plunge..but not unit he made sure that Maverick Carter went in first.

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LeBron James Girlfriend: Who is Savannah Brinson?

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