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College Football 2015…Where Is The Controversy???

College Football Drama

Geez…talk about college football and a ho-hum ending to an electric season! Everything has just fallen into place and there is nothing to piss and moan about. Everyone wanted upsets on Conference Championship Saturday – that didn’t happen – chalk ruled the day. There were like 14 major coaching vacancies and everyone from Brian Kelly, to Chip Kelly, to even R. Kelly (that’s rapper R. Kelly is case you didn’t know) were mentioned to be on the move. Again, nothing dramatic happened and slots got filled with little to no fanfare. Yesterday, Navy beat Army for the 14th time in a row…no drama there, and in the nightcap, Alabama RB Derrick Henry won the Heisman…as expected.

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 13…The Stage Is Set

For all the pissing and moaning that has gone on for the last few weeks about the playoff committee, no one can complain today about where their teams are at. When the rankings come out on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM on ESPN, Clemson will be #1, Alabama #2, Oklahoma #3, and Iowa #4 – same as last week! We were hoping for a lot of upsets over the Thanksgiving weekend that would totally shake up the rankings, but that did not happen. A lot of sphincter muscles got tight, but, the big upsets did not happen. South Carolina almost shocked the world but Clemson prevailed. A lot of fans were hoping Iowa could get knocked off but the Cornshuckers could not spring another upset. Notre Dame needed a big win at Stanford but fell short. And the biggest question of the week was, “When will LSU fire Les Miles”? That too was answered last night when when AD Joe Alleva said that Miles will remain the Head Coach.

So, with that said, what is left for this weekend – Conference Championship Saturday? Of the 7 conference championships that will be decided Saturday, only 3 will have playoff implications – the ACC (Clemson vs. UNC), the SEC (Alabama vs. Florida), and the Big 10 (Iowa vs. Michigan State). If Clemson wins, they are in the Final 4 and will be the #1 seed. Should Clemson lose, will UNC make the final 4? If UNC wins, will Clemson fall to #4 and still get in? The SEC Championship game should be a walkover. ‘Bama wins easily (27-3), the Gators just can’t score. The true play in game is in the Big 10. The Iowa – Michigan State winner is in the CFP and the loser goes home empty (the Rose Bowl game ain’t a bad consolation prize). It’s hard to believe that Iowa is in this position – the preseason prognosticators had them going 6-6 with the easiest schedule in major college football! On the other hand, it’s tough to pick against Sparty! This should be a nail biter! When it is all said and done, the Final Four will be Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, and…drum roll please…Michigan State!

What did we learn this past weekend? Oklahoma may be playing the best football in the country right now. I haven’t trusted “Big Game Bob” for the last several years but this team is really, really good! Clemson is vulnerable. If they continue to turn the ball over (fumbles) they are primed to get beat. Derrick Henry (RB from Alabama) will win the Heisman Trophy. Yesterday he toted the rock 46 times for 271 yards – start engraving the trophy now! National Coach of the Year should go to Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly. No team had had as many injuries as the Irish have had this year and he continues to bring in new players that have kept ND in the playoff hunt. Although they fell short yesterday, the Irish faithful have got to be proud of what the team has accomplished this year. Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz is very deserving also, but, the Hawkeyes did not have to play Ohio State, Michigan State, or Michigan this year! Everyone was looking forward to the Ohio State vs. Michigan game – the first of many between Harbaugh and Meyer but that was one sided early as the Luckeyes crushed the Wolverines. Maybe next year Jim! OSU played their best game of the year but last weeks debacle versus Sparty cost them a chance to repeat as National Champions. Looks like the Big 12 somewhat resembles the SEC. In the last few weeks they have all beat up on each other and knocked each other out of the title chase! Sound familiar?

Time for a little humor. Pretty soon we will be bombarded with Bowl games, most of which will be teams with a .500 record…or worse! A To Z has some bowl games that will never happen but sound interesting:

In the Century Link Ben Franklin Bowl UNC plays Baylor. First team to 100 wins! In the Nyquil ZZZ Bowl, we have Boston College vs. Florida. First team to 12 wins (over/under in this game is 21). In the AARP Retirement Bowl, Virginia Tech plays Missouri. Beamer vs. Pinkel in their final game – thanks for the memories! In the GPA IQ Bowl we have Stanford versus Duke. The Contrast Bowl matches Texas Tech and Navy – all pass vs. all run! This years Transfer Bowl pairs Michigan and Ole Miss – my transfer QB is better than your transfer QB! In the Remembrance Bowl, Oregon plays Ohio State – remember, this is the game we wanted LAST year! And finally, in the Coaches Hot Seat Bowl, sponsored by Tabasco Hot Sauce, Georgia meets LSU. Every time one of these schools lose a game, the fans want their coach fired!!!

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Clemson 12-0
  2. Alabama 11-1
  3. Oklahoma 11-1
  4. Iowa 12-0
  5. Michigan State 11-1
  6. Ohio State 11-1
  7. Stanford 10-2
  8. FSU 10-2
  9. Notre Dame 10-2
  10. UNC 11-1
  11. Baylor 9-2
  12. Oklahoma State 10-2
  13. Northwestern 10-2
  14. Oregon 9-3
  15. Ole Miss 9-3
  16. Florida 10-2
  17. TCU 10-2
  18. Temple 10-2
  19. Michigan 9-3
  20. Utah 9-3
  21. Navy 9-2
  22. Houston 11-1
  23. Memphis 9-3
  24. LSU 8-3
  25. USC 8-4

Conference Championship Saturday:

SEC – Alabama vs. Florida

ACC – Clemson vs. UNC

Big 10 – Iowa vs. Michigan State

AAC – Temple vs. Houston

PAC 12 – Stanford vs. USC

Conference USA – Southern Miss vs. Western Kentucky

Mountain West – San Diego State vs. Air Force

After this great weekend, all that’s left is the traditional Army – Navy game, the beginning of the coaching carousal, and then the bowl season kicks off! It’s been a truly remarkable year with great story lines, an emotional roller coaster ride, and broken dreams. We have seen coaching legends (Spurrier, Beamer, and Pinkel) ease into retirement and others on the weekly hot seat. There have been great individual performances and surprising team accomplishments. No matter what happens to close out this year, college football is the greatest game of all!

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College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 10…Separation Saturday

Week 6 College football

Since the finish of week 9 in college football, all of the Talking Heads have referred to week 10 as…Separation Saturday. There was #1 Clemson vs. #16 FSU, #2 LSU vs. #4 Alabama, and #8 TCU vs. #14 Oklahoma State.

On top of those powerhouse games, the schedule was dotted with other great and impactful games. Well, for once, they all lived up to the hype! All we heard on talk radio this week was how some teams got screwed in the initial CFP rankings that came out on Tuesday.

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 7 – Fakes and Fumbles!

College Football Logos

You can criticize college football coaches all you want for the sometimes outrageous salaries they receive, but, yesterday was just another reason why they EARN every penny they make from their universities.

Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines dominate Sparty from start to finish – except for the final 10 seconds when the punt snap is fumbled into the hands of an on rushing defender and victory is snatched out of the hands of the Wolverines. Harbaugh did everything humanly possible to prepare his team for the game and their execution of the game plan was done flawlessly – except for one thing – they didn’t get the punt off and State wins in shocking fashion.

LSU TigersHow about the gun slinger mentality down in Baton Rouge? Les Miles (The Hat) is known for taking chances at the most opportune time.

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 6

Sports Analyst A To Z is back, bigger (well maybe 10 lbs. heavier) and better (more sarcastic) than ever for your reading pleasure! The 2015 College Football season has been a wild ride so far and it is only going to get crazier as we get deeper and deeper into the schedule and the “big boys” all have to play each other. On top of the play on the field, teams will start to panic and coaches will be fired before the year ends (see Maryland, the left coast USC, and Georgia or Tennessee).

Here is what we know so far. Ohio State is not as good as the experts thought. Sure, they are 6-0 and ranked #1 but the Luckeyes have not played like the top team in the land against their annual cream puff schedule. Michigan State continues to win but like OSU, they have not been impressive. Iowa, considered to have the worst schedule in America and picked to finish 6-6, is now 6-0. Maybe they will lose their last 6 games??? Meechigan, with new boss Jim Harbaugh, was thought to be a middle of the road Big 10 team. After 5 straight wins (3 shut outs in a row), they may be the best team in the Big 10! Weren’t the Florida Gators supposed to be rebuilding once again? Like the Maize and Blue, they too have a new sheriff in town (and a disciplinarian) and are now sitting at #11 in the A To Z weekly poll. Stanford, picked by many to be in the Final 4, stumbled in game 1 and were written off by all. After 4 impressive wins in a row they are now #10 and control their own destiny to reach the Final 4! Did anyone see that steamroller called Utah coming? They have a tough road ahead but are now a Final 4 candidate. Hey all you haters out there (that’s Notre Dame haters), what do you have to say now? You wrote them off several times after they sustained injury after injury and if it weren’t for a horrible play call on a 2 point conversion, the Golden Domers would be sitting around #5 right now waiting for a slip up ahead of them. BTW…if they run the table they WILL be in the Final 4! Some of the Talking Heads had LSU in the Final 4. They do have the Heisman Trophy winner and best player in the country (RB Leonard Fournette) but have a BRUTAL schedule ahead of them. Florida, Western Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and a potential trip to the SEC Championship game stand in their way to the Final 4. OUCH!!

This, That, and some more. Georgia RB and Heisman hopeful Nick Chubb went down yesterday with a knee injury at Tennessee. His season, like Georgia’s has ended. With upcoming games against Missouri and Florida, the Bulldogs are in danger of losing 4 games in a row! Let’s hope Nick can return healthy and turn out like his predecessor Todd Gurley! Hats off to Les Miles and the entire Tiger Nation for all the support they gave to the South Carolina Gamecocks over the last several days. With the flooding disaster in SC and the game being forced to move to Baton Rouge, Les and the school did everything to make USC’s trip to the Bayou as seamless as possible. In a cut throat business like college football, this was a tremendous show of class! Speaking of class, will someone show Duke a little respect? Coach Cut is one of the best in the business and he has quietly built a perennial winning  program in Durham over the last 3 years. Let’s see…you are Texas and have more money than any school in the world (except for ND). You hire a no nonsense coach and expect him to win on day one. He cleans house and starts to bring in his recruits. He loses early and often. You want him gone after 1 1/2 years. The solution? Bring in Big Game Bob and the mighty Sooners. The Longhorns roll the Sooners in the Red River Rivalry and all is well. What a Cinderella story! Hey 10 gallon hats and cowboy boots – leave the dude (Charlie Strong) alone for at least 2 more years. You can’t turn a football program around in 1 year. Wait a minute…SEE Michigan! Didn’t you used to be…Penn State, Virginia Tech, The “U”, Nebraska, and Tennessee? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Year after year, these were the college football heavyweights that dominated the Top 10.

A To Z Top 25

  1. Ohio State 6-0
  2. Baylor 5-0
  3. Utah 5-0
  4. Alabama 5-1
  5. LSU 5-0
  6. TCU 6-0
  7. Michigan State 6-0
  8. Clemson 5-0
  9. Texas A&M 5-0
  10. Stanford 4-1
  11. Florida 6-0
  12. FSU 5-0
  13. Mississippi 5-1
  14. Notre Dame 5-1
  15. Michigan 5-1
  16. UCLA 4-1
  17. Oklahoma State 6-0
  18. Oklahoma 4-1
  19. Northwestern 5-1
  20. Iowa 6-0
  21. Boise State 5-1
  22. Toledo 5-0
  23. Georgia 4-2
  24. Cal 5-1
  25. TIE Duke 5-1, Houston 5-0

WEEK 7 Key Games:

#4 Alabama @ #9 Texas A&M

West Virginia @ #2 Baylor

#21 Boise State @ Utah State

Boston College @ #8 Clemson

#11 Florida @ #5 LSU

#12 FSU @ Louisville

#23 Georgia @ Missouri

#25 Houston @ Tulane

#7 Michigan State @ #15 Michigan

#13 Mississippi @ Memphis

#20 Iowa @ #19 Northwestern

USC @ #14 Notre Dame

Penn State @ #1 Ohio State

#18 Oklahoma @ Kansas State

#16 UCLA @ #10 Stanford

Eastern Michigan @ #22 Toledo

Arizona State @ #3 Utah

We are truly in store for a monster weekend! Teams will be setting themselves up for conference championships and getting themselves in position for a birth in the Final 4. I truly believe we will have 8-10 teams with one loss when it is all said and done. The committee will then have tremendous pressure on them to select just 4. It’s all then going to boil down to conference champions and strength of schedule. Think about it – all of the current Top 25 teams except for Toledo and Houston, have to play each other at some point. It is going to be a gut wrenching final stretch of the season and that is why college football is the greatest game in the land!

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