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College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 10…Separation Saturday

Week 6 College football

Since the finish of week 9 in college football, all of the Talking Heads have referred to week 10 as…Separation Saturday. There was #1 Clemson vs. #16 FSU, #2 LSU vs. #4 Alabama, and #8 TCU vs. #14 Oklahoma State.

On top of those powerhouse games, the schedule was dotted with other great and impactful games. Well, for once, they all lived up to the hype! All we heard on talk radio this week was how some teams got screwed in the initial CFP rankings that came out on Tuesday.

College Football Playoffs – Week 1 Rankings

The anticipation has been building since Saturday’s games ended for the first College Football Poll rankings of the College Football A to Zyear.

Who would be left out? Who would be screwed? Who is on the outside looking in? The reality is that this is just week one. Last year, if you remember, when the first ranking came out we had Mississippi State, Auburn, FSU, and Ole Miss as the top 4. How did that work out? Not too good! Only FSU made the Final 4 from that group and the eventual champion, Ohio State, was initially ranked 14th!

College Football 2015…Recapping Week 9 – Wild Once Again!

Yesterday, we were all “TRICKED” into believing that it was going to be a ho-hum day in college football.

6 of the Top 25 teams were idle and there was only 1 game between Top 25 teams – ND and Temple. Instead, we were “TREATED” with an array of wild, wacky, and dramatic games that left us wondering…what the hell just happened? There were cliff hangers (see Notre Dame vs. Temple), goal line stands (see Michigan vs. Minnesota), an aerial circus (see Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech), and another wide right (see Stanford vs. Washington State). Once again, dreams were dashed, upsets were avoided, and a few unbeatens kept their dreams alive…just a typical weekend in college football!

College Football 2015 Week 8

Week 6 College footballCollege Football 2015 – Recapping Week 8…Another Wild Ride!

In what was supposed to be a ho-hum weekend of college football, once again, it turned out to be another roller coaster ride! Chalk was supposed to be the norm as there were numerous Top 25 teams idle, only one match up between Top 25 teams, and on paper, several lopsided contests. A rather boring week in a season of gut wrenching games to date. But, that’s why they play the games! Upsets, shocking endings, two 4 OT games, and at at end of the evening you are drained from the day! What the hell just happened???

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 7 – Fakes and Fumbles!

College Football Logos

You can criticize college football coaches all you want for the sometimes outrageous salaries they receive, but, yesterday was just another reason why they EARN every penny they make from their universities.

Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines dominate Sparty from start to finish – except for the final 10 seconds when the punt snap is fumbled into the hands of an on rushing defender and victory is snatched out of the hands of the Wolverines. Harbaugh did everything humanly possible to prepare his team for the game and their execution of the game plan was done flawlessly – except for one thing – they didn’t get the punt off and State wins in shocking fashion.

LSU TigersHow about the gun slinger mentality down in Baton Rouge? Les Miles (The Hat) is known for taking chances at the most opportune time.