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Kanye West Hospitalized Stress, Sleep Deprivation, Psychotic Breakdown

Kanye West Hospitalized Psychotic Breakdown

Kanye West has been hospitalized for his own safety after suffering what sources say was a psychotic breakdown.

He was taken to buy orlistat 120 mg without prescription UCLA Medical Center where he is undergoing a series of psychological test.  Kanye reportedly tried to resist being transported to the L.A. hospital and had to be handcuffed.

Detective Brian O’Donnell Released from Hospital

Detective Brian O'DonnellUPDATE: Police Detective Brian O’Donnell was discharged from the hospital on Friday…just one day after he was attacked.

Detective buy provigil canada Brian O’Donnell was the NYPD cop who was attacked by a man, identified as Akram Joudeh, on Thursday.

The attack took place in Midtown Manhattan at around 5p.m.  Detective O’Donnell was left with a 6 inch gash on his face.

Catherine Zeta Jones

source site Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar II Disorder!

The announcement that actress Catherine Zeta Jones is being treated for bipolar II disorder came as quite a shock to many.  Bipolar II disorder is when the ups don’t reach  the full manic phase.  It is not as severe as bipolar I disorder.

Jones, 41, reportedly spent 5 days in a mental health facility.  Jones, who is married to actor Michael Douglass has had an extremely stressful year, Douglass, 66 was diagnosed with  stage four throat cancer in 2010.

According to sources Jones who has been released from the facility is “doing well.”

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Michael Douglas Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas is facing a tough battle, as the actor-turned-cancer-patient undergoes radiation and chemotherapy to treat a tumor at the base of his tongue. But the 65-year-old Oscar-winning actor is not about to give up. “It’s a fight,” Douglas told People.

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