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Now You Know the Rest of the Story … Bill Gates Cheated

bill gates cheatsBill  Gates reportedly cheated on Melinda Gates and she’s fed up.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates had cheated with a female staff member in 2000, and resigned while an investigation into the relationship was being investigated by the company board.

Call it what it is… but he cheated.

Hickory Dickory Dock Will President Trump Buy TikTok

tik tok donald trump

The TikTok vs Donald Trump saga continues.

Donald Trump has reportedly told Microsoft’s CEO he ‘may allow’ the company to buy TikTok in the United States – but only if the app is completely separated from Beijing.

Microsoft Corp said on Sunday that it would continue discussions to acquire TikTok the popular short-video app from Chinese internet giant ByteDance.

The president had threatened to ban it as early as Saturday.

The company made the statement following a conversation between is CEO Satya Nadella and Trump.

Homeland Security Warns Disable Java from Computers Due to Risk of Being Hacked

Java Flaw Leaves Computers Vulnerable to Hackers….Java is a widely used technical language that allows computer programmers to write a wide variety of Internet applications and other software programs that can run on just about any computer’s operating system.

Did you know that consumers who fell victim to cybercriminals in 2015 spent an average of 21 hours dealing the consequences. With so much of our information on the internet, it is hard to understand what is going on in the ever changing world of the internet. Cloud technology is becoming bigger and bigger and this technology needs better and better security to protect it’s user’s data! Although there are more people useing cloud technology there are a few who are still using a software-definded network (sd-wan) as a way of controlling and managing their computer network as this could be a good alternative to providing a safe network. However, since there are so many companies who prefer cloud computing there is now protection in place for security reasons. If you are looking for cloud security services be sure to click this Redirect to the final step website.
According to sources…the U.S. Department of Homeland Security urged computer users to disable Oracle Corp’s Java software, amplifying security experts’ prior warnings to hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses that use it to surf the Web.

Computer hackers have reportedly figured out how to exploit Java to install malicious software enabling them to commit crimes ranging from identity theft to making an infected computer part of an ad-hoc network of computers that can be used to attack websites.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team also said in their statement issued on Thursday in which they said that they are ‘currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem.’

Check back for updates as they become available.

Timeline of Events Associated with Hacktivist Group Anonymous

Anonymous is an internet based collective of hacktivists whose goals, like its organization, are decentralized. Anonymous seeks mass awareness and revolution against corrupt entities, while attempting to maintain anonymity. Anonymous has had a hacktivist impact. This is a timeline of activities reported to be carried out by the group. More Here


Microsoft has discontinued the Kin phones line, just six weeks after it launched the devices.

The company blamed low sales numbers, and was shy to say how many it sold exactly. But Kin’s failure comes as no surprise, with a troubled Microsoft playing catch-up in the mobile world.

The Kin phones were too pricey from the beginning. They weren’t exactly a smartphone, but they were priced as one. The Kin One cost $130, and the Kin Two $150 with a two-year Verizon contract (before a mail-in rebate). Verizon dramatically slashed the Kind prices earlier this week by $100, with the Kin Two at a mere $50 and Kin One at $30.

But Verizon’s price cut was not enough. Microsoft targeted the Kin at teenagers, as an always-connected device to their social life on Twitter and Facebook. This Internet connectivity however, comes at a cost, and Verizon’s data and voice charges for the Kin were up to $70 per month, an amount most fast-food counter-working teenagers would struggle to afford for their phone alone.  Read more here

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