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Roger Goodell Attends Bush Memorial No Mood to Talk About Kareem Hill

tinidazole over the counter Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell and his, Jane Skinner, attended the memorial for George H.W. Bush in Washington on Wednesday!

chloroquine tablets brand india The celebrity gossip website paparazzi was also there covering the service, when they spotted the Commissioner of the National Football League.

“National Day of Morning”

Perhaps it wasn’t the most appropriate time to ask about disgraced former NFL star Kareem Hunt…but they felt they needed to do so anyway. They reportedly got up close and personal as they fired off questions regarding Hunt.

Kansas City Chiefs Release Star Running Back Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt Fired

Lowlife NFL running back Kareem Hunt has been released from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hunt, one of the leagues top running back was cut after a video showing him attacking a woman which was captured on security cameras.   He has to thank for releasing the video which soon made it’s was on social media which caused outrage.

Danny Amendola Enjoys Off Week at Miami Beach Mystery Girl!

Danny Amendola mystery girl

Danny Amendola reportedly took some time to enjoy off the off week and theirs no question, his team, the Miami Dolphins deserve a little R&R.

That’s exactly what the NFL wide receiver did… He enjoyed a day on the beach with a unknown female who closely resembles his girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

It is clear based on the photos that Culpo… What remains unclear is the connection between the two.  It appeared that they were just having fun!

“The Bachelorette” Colton Underwood Shares Ex-GF Details

Colton Underwood Bachelorette

After Bachelorette contestant Colton Underwood shared limited details about his first true love… the internet is now buzzing and leaving fans wondering who is the mystery woman.

According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill, the former NFL star dated Aly Raisman. Raisman is a twenty-six-year-old former Olympic gymnast and activist.

Details and Update Kellen Winslow Jr Arrested for Sexual Assault

kellen winsdlow

Kellen Winslow is a lowlife scumbag bas*ard and deserves to rot!

It appears that former Kellen Winslow has become the latest former professional football start to disgrace the character and then integrity of the NFL.

New and disturbing details have emerged about the sexual assault allegations against  Kellen Winslow Jr.

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