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College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 7 – Fakes and Fumbles!

College Football Logos

You can criticize college football coaches all you want for the sometimes outrageous salaries they receive, but, yesterday was just another reason why they EARN every penny they make from their universities.

Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines dominate Sparty from start to finish – except for the final 10 seconds when the punt snap is fumbled into the hands of an on rushing defender and victory is snatched out of the hands of the Wolverines. Harbaugh did everything humanly possible to prepare his team for the game and their execution of the game plan was done flawlessly – except for one thing – they didn’t get the punt off and State wins in shocking fashion.

LSU TigersHow about the gun slinger mentality down in Baton Rouge? Les Miles (The Hat) is known for taking chances at the most opportune time.

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 6

Sports Analyst A To Z is back, bigger (well maybe 10 lbs. heavier) and better (more sarcastic) than ever for your reading pleasure! The 2015 College Football season has been a wild ride so far and it is only going to get crazier as we get deeper and deeper into the schedule and the “big boys” all have to play each other. On top of the play on the field, teams will start to panic and coaches will be fired before the year ends (see Maryland, the left coast USC, and Georgia or Tennessee).

Here is what we know so far. Ohio State is not as good as the experts thought. Sure, they are 6-0 and ranked #1 but the Luckeyes have not played like the top team in the land against their annual cream puff schedule. Michigan State continues to win but like OSU, they have not been impressive. Iowa, considered to have the worst schedule in America and picked to finish 6-6, is now 6-0. Maybe they will lose their last 6 games??? Meechigan, with new boss Jim Harbaugh, was thought to be a middle of the road Big 10 team. After 5 straight wins (3 shut outs in a row), they may be the best team in the Big 10! Weren’t the Florida Gators supposed to be rebuilding once again? Like the Maize and Blue, they too have a new sheriff in town (and a disciplinarian) and are now sitting at #11 in the A To Z weekly poll. Stanford, picked by many to be in the Final 4, stumbled in game 1 and were written off by all. After 4 impressive wins in a row they are now #10 and control their own destiny to reach the Final 4! Did anyone see that steamroller called Utah coming? They have a tough road ahead but are now a Final 4 candidate. Hey all you haters out there (that’s Notre Dame haters), what do you have to say now? You wrote them off several times after they sustained injury after injury and if it weren’t for a horrible play call on a 2 point conversion, the Golden Domers would be sitting around #5 right now waiting for a slip up ahead of them. BTW…if they run the table they WILL be in the Final 4! Some of the Talking Heads had LSU in the Final 4. They do have the Heisman Trophy winner and best player in the country (RB Leonard Fournette) but have a BRUTAL schedule ahead of them. Florida, Western Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and a potential trip to the SEC Championship game stand in their way to the Final 4. OUCH!!

This, That, and some more. Georgia RB and Heisman hopeful Nick Chubb went down yesterday with a knee injury at Tennessee. His season, like Georgia’s has ended. With upcoming games against Missouri and Florida, the Bulldogs are in danger of losing 4 games in a row! Let’s hope Nick can return healthy and turn out like his predecessor Todd Gurley! Hats off to Les Miles and the entire Tiger Nation for all the support they gave to the South Carolina Gamecocks over the last several days. With the flooding disaster in SC and the game being forced to move to Baton Rouge, Les and the school did everything to make USC’s trip to the Bayou as seamless as possible. In a cut throat business like college football, this was a tremendous show of class! Speaking of class, will someone show Duke a little respect? Coach Cut is one of the best in the business and he has quietly built a perennial winning  program in Durham over the last 3 years. Let’s see…you are Texas and have more money than any school in the world (except for ND). You hire a no nonsense coach and expect him to win on day one. He cleans house and starts to bring in his recruits. He loses early and often. You want him gone after 1 1/2 years. The solution? Bring in Big Game Bob and the mighty Sooners. The Longhorns roll the Sooners in the Red River Rivalry and all is well. What a Cinderella story! Hey 10 gallon hats and cowboy boots – leave the dude (Charlie Strong) alone for at least 2 more years. You can’t turn a football program around in 1 year. Wait a minute…SEE Michigan! Didn’t you used to be…Penn State, Virginia Tech, The “U”, Nebraska, and Tennessee? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Year after year, these were the college football heavyweights that dominated the Top 10.

A To Z Top 25

  1. Ohio State 6-0
  2. Baylor 5-0
  3. Utah 5-0
  4. Alabama 5-1
  5. LSU 5-0
  6. TCU 6-0
  7. Michigan State 6-0
  8. Clemson 5-0
  9. Texas A&M 5-0
  10. Stanford 4-1
  11. Florida 6-0
  12. FSU 5-0
  13. Mississippi 5-1
  14. Notre Dame 5-1
  15. Michigan 5-1
  16. UCLA 4-1
  17. Oklahoma State 6-0
  18. Oklahoma 4-1
  19. Northwestern 5-1
  20. Iowa 6-0
  21. Boise State 5-1
  22. Toledo 5-0
  23. Georgia 4-2
  24. Cal 5-1
  25. TIE Duke 5-1, Houston 5-0

WEEK 7 Key Games:

#4 Alabama @ #9 Texas A&M

West Virginia @ #2 Baylor

#21 Boise State @ Utah State

Boston College @ #8 Clemson

#11 Florida @ #5 LSU

#12 FSU @ Louisville

#23 Georgia @ Missouri

#25 Houston @ Tulane

#7 Michigan State @ #15 Michigan

#13 Mississippi @ Memphis

#20 Iowa @ #19 Northwestern

USC @ #14 Notre Dame

Penn State @ #1 Ohio State

#18 Oklahoma @ Kansas State

#16 UCLA @ #10 Stanford

Eastern Michigan @ #22 Toledo

Arizona State @ #3 Utah

We are truly in store for a monster weekend! Teams will be setting themselves up for conference championships and getting themselves in position for a birth in the Final 4. I truly believe we will have 8-10 teams with one loss when it is all said and done. The committee will then have tremendous pressure on them to select just 4. It’s all then going to boil down to conference champions and strength of schedule. Think about it – all of the current Top 25 teams except for Toledo and Houston, have to play each other at some point. It is going to be a gut wrenching final stretch of the season and that is why college football is the greatest game in the land!

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College Football 2014/2015…Bowl Updates

With 21 bowl games now in the books (and 17 more to go), let’s catch up on some of the highlights and lowlights of this years version of “Bowl Mania”.

The coaching merry-go-round…Harbaugh to Meechigan? The worst kept secret in college football will be announced today at noon when former ’49er HC Jim Harbaugh leaves the left coast for all the $$$ to become the top man in Ann Arbor. WHY??? The Big 10 is a dying conference (#5 out of the Big 5 ) that is owned by the Urbanites currently. Oh sure, every once in a while Wisconsin or Michigan State is competitive, but the Wolverines have been dying for years. Can he resurrect the Maize and Blue? Probably. But it may take a few years and in the meantime Ohio State will run roughshod over the depleted Big 10 and remain the face of the conference. Until the Big 10 starts playing a competitive non conference schedule and starts winning major bowl match ups, Harbaugh, Michigan, and the rest of the Big 10 will never be relevant again on the national scene. Enjoy the big jack Jimmy!

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 15…The Great Debate!

Dramatically, and sadly, the regular season has come to a close. But as is with every year, the mess that we know as “Selection Sunday” has just begun.

College Football A to ZWe hated the BCS computer process in years past. And now, the CFP committee will come under fire. They are in a no win situation. Three teams are locks – Alabama, Oregon, and FSU. The 4th and final spot is an absolute mess with TCU, Ohio State, and Baylor. It could have been made a little easier if someone ( FSU ) had gotten beat last night…or Wisconsin had taken out Ohio State. But noooo! Everyone won. ‘Bama crushed Missouri, Oregon smashed Arizona, FSU squeaked by Georgia Tech, TCU demolished Iowa State, Ohio State embarrassed Wisconsin, and Baylor nipped Kansas State leaving the committee with an impossible choice.

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 12…The Convicts Escape…Again!

Ok, I am going to admit it, I am no different than anyone else outside of the penitentiary called FSU. I am rooting for anyone that plays FSU. That is what the 2014 College Football season has become. Everyone, and I mean everyone outside of Tallahassee, wants FSU to go down. I truly think that the college football playoff committee is hoping for an FSU loss to once and for all, get them out of the picture. We are sick and tired of the  accusations, lack of discipline, out of control behavior, and total disregard of the law that is allowed to go on down there. Not only is FSU undefeated on the field, they are undefeated in the court room…7-0. 7 arrests and 0 convictions! Talk about turning a blind eye to the law! This is a win at all cost program and Jimbo has lost all respect and credibility. The Winston case got conveniently postponed until after the season – not enough time for his lawyer to prepare his case. It’s only been 2 years! And the latest debacle involving a hit and run accident that is being swept under the table. Hey Barney, did you see anything? Nope, good, let’s go get some doughnuts and coffee! Good luck this weekend kids, we gotta beat dem boys down in Miami!

Let’s get out of the courtroom and back on to the playing field where we belong. Yesterday was just a normal day in the world of college football. Upsets, OT games, last second field goals, poor use of time management, miraculous comebacks, dropped interceptions that lead to eventual scores, bad officiating, and unbelievable performances. One of the big questions for me yesterday was, how where some of the previous week’s big winners going to respond? Would Ohio State have a hangover from beating Michigan State? Would TCU have a hangover from beating Kansas State? How about Arizona State and their thrashing of ND? Answers please, OSU escapes at Minnesota by winning 31-24, TCU comes back to edge lowly Kansas 34-30, and Arizona goes to Oregon State and losses 35-27. How about lowly Northwestern going to ND ( ND stands for NO DEFENSE ) and upsetting the Irish 43-40 in OT? How about ( predictable ) Clemson going to Hotlanta and laying an egg versus Georgia Tech? I think Clemson had to finish with their third string water boy as the QB with hard luck Watson going down with a knee injury and Stoudt throwing more pic 6’s that completions! And poor Duke losing at home to Virginia Tech 17-16! Coach C sure could have used some of Coach K’s offense! Has Auburn quit or is Georgia that good? The Bulldogs smashed the Tigers 34-7 in Todd Gurley’s return. Stay tuned…Gurley hurt his knee. Of course, the game of the day was #1 Mississippi State going to ‘Bama. The Tide flexed their muscle and beat the Bulldogs 25-20. Jack, I mean Zack, I mean Dak Prescott had 3 pics in ‘Bama territory – OUCH! Just when the Talking Heads said there may not be a team from the SEC in the Final Four, if ‘Bama wins out and Mississippi State wins out, we may get 2 SEC teams in!!!

College Football 2014..Recapping Week 11..The Mighty Have Fallen!

Alabama LSU 2014

“Holy Cow”, “Do you believe in Miracles”, and whatever other famous sport quotes you want to throw in there, describes what happened yesterday in the world of college football! Dreams were shattered and others were barely kept alive. If you don’t love this, then you don’t have a heartbeat! The haters out there were bashing the committee for having 3 SEC teams in the top 4. I told you to hang on, the season will play out and in the end, it really won’t be that complicated. Most of the top teams will knock each other out and the choices will be obvious. Two weeks ago we had 4 unbeaten teams and 17 teams with just 1 loss. Today, we have 2 undefeated teams ( 3 if you want to include Marshall ) and 7 teams with just 1 loss ( 8 if you want to count Duke ). Guess what? It’s going to change again next week! Then, and as we go down the stretch, the bigger question is going to be…Which 2 loss team gets in the Final Four?

Every Saturday is now “Elimination Saturday”. Yesterday, Auburn, Kansas State, Michigan State, and Notre Dame eliminated themselves from any Final Four consideration. Auburn has pulled several games out of their *#$ recently and it finally caught up with them versus a re-energized bunch from Texas A&M. The Talking Heads were jumping on the K State bandwagon recently. Guess what? Time to get off that wagon! And the great folks in Big 10 land were clamoring for move love for Sparty. Mr. Corso, you can take your Spartan Head Gear and put that back in storage for another year! And what about the Golden Domers? Coulda, woulda, and shoulda beat FSU, but didn’t, got a lotta love, and then proceeded to turn the ball over 19 times in the desert yesterday and get embarrassed by ASU. Thank you for playing and I hope you get a nice bowl game payday!

College Football 2014-Recapping Week 9…And Then There Were 3, Really Only 2

Sure, there are 3 undefeated teams still in the hunt, but can we really count Marshall? We are now down to 2 – #1 Mississippi State and #2 FSU that matter is the grand scheme of playoff contention. I’m not cracking on Marshall, but they don’t have the schedule, nor do they play a non conference schedule that would help boost them in the playoff picture. Sorry! The real dilemma becomes with the 17 one loss teams! The good news is that so many of these 1 loss teams have to play each other down the stretch and the committee may not have as tough a time with their selections as you may think. On Tuesday night the committee will release their first Top 25 power ranking. The top 4 at this point is a no brainer – Mississippi State, FSU, Alabama, and Auburn. Guess what? Alabama has to play MSU and Auburn. Mississippi State has ‘Bama and Mississippi left to play. Auburn has Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama coming up. They could all beat up on each other and open the door for Notre Dame and Oregon. Or ND could lose to Arizona State and USC and open the door for TCU and Michigan State. And Oregon could lose to Stanford and Utah which could bring Georgia in the fold. And Michigan State could lose to Ohio State and let Kansas State sneak in. Or TCU could lose to West Virginia and Kansas State and now a 2 loss team from the SEC West gets back in the picture! The possibilities are endless at this point – let’s just watch it all unfold and enjoy the wackiest year ever.

Last week I said this was going to be a “chalk” week – a week in which all the favorites win. Close but no cigar! Those dang Tigers down in Baton Rouge spoiled the party and made Les Miles look like a genius ( which we know he is not ) again by upsetting #3 Mississippi. A night game in Baton Rouge…A game in which LSU has no chance…Final score – LSU 10 and Mississippi 7. Good Bye Mississippi, thank you for playing! I predicted Utah to beat USC…and they did! There was one hell of a game on the plains last night as Auburn withstood everything South Carolina threw at them and they hung on for a 42-35 win. SC had their chances but 2 interceptions in the end zone cost the Gamecocks. Mississippi State kept their perfect season in tact with a hard fought win at Kentucky 45-31. Michigan State rips arch rival Michigan 35-11 to keep their faint Final Four hope alive. Oregon, getting back on track and looking the Ducks of old, put 59 points on Cal…but gave up 41. How about those 82 freaking points TCU threw on Texas Tech. The Big 12 is going to be fun in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the WILD, WILD WEST! Ohio State goes to Happy Valley and needs 2 OT’s to nip Penn State. K State slams Texas 23-0. What if they had beaten Auburn? Would Kansas State be sitting at #1 or #2? UCLA needing 2 OT’s to beat hapless Colorado? Who is better…the 2 Arizona schools or the 2 Mississippi schools? And West Virginia keeps winning and will continue to spoil someone’s season. No news from FSU, ND, Georgia, or Duke – all byes this week.

THIS AND THAT…When are the Cornshuckers going to lose?? For 6 straight years they have been a 4 loss team under Bo. They are now 7-1 and I am beginning to worry! Are we on track for another Duke – FSU ACC Championship game? Seriously, Duke in the title game for the second year in a row? There has to be an investigation in Durham – this can’t be happening. Who does Coach Cut think he is…Steve Spurrier? Congrats to the entire Blue Devil family! Did you see those disgusting uniforms that Illinois wore yesterday? I guess when you are as irrelevant as they are, it doesn’t matter what you wear…but they did upset previous 1 loss Minnesota…and they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express over the weekend. In an era of wide open offenses, no huddle offenses, ridiculous passing statistics, and little to no “D” being played, some of the top players in the country are running backs. Think about the gaudy numbers that Todd Gurley ( Georgia ), Melvin Gordon ( Wisconsin ), Ameer Abdullah ( Nebraska ), David Cobb ( Minnesota ), Mike Davis ( South Carolina ), Leonard Fournette ( LSU ), and TJ Yeldon ( Alabama ) are putting up. Like Gene Stallings of Alabama once said ” you want to know how to win football games? Run the ball”. “You want to know how to win football games? You stop the run”. HEISMAN UPDATE…Dak Prescott ( QB Mississippi State ), Marcus Mariota ( QB Oregon ), Ameer Abdullah ( RB Nebraska ), Amari Cooper ( WR Alabama ), and Melvin Gordon ( RB Wisconsin ).

A To Z TOP 25:

  1. Mississippi State 7-0
  2. FSU 7-0
  3. Alabama 7-1
  4. Auburn 6-1
  5. Notre Dame 6-1
  6. Oregon 7-1
  7. Michigan State 6-1
  8. Georgia 6-1
  9. Mississippi 7-1
  10. TCU 6-1
  11. Kansas State 6-1
  12. Ohio State 6-1
  13. Baylor 6-1
  14. Arizona 6-1
  15. Arizona State 6-1
  16. Nebraska 7-1
  17. ECU 6-1
  18. Oklahoma 5-2
  19. Utah 6-1
  20. LSU 7-2
  21. Clemson 6-2
  22. Duke 6-1
  23. Marshall 8-0
  24. West Virginia 6-2
  25. TIE UCLA 6-2, Louisville 6-2, Boise State 6-2, Georgia Tech 6-2


  • NR Arkansas @ #1 Mississippi State
  • #2 FSU @ #25 Louisville
  • #4 Auburn @ #9 Mississippi
  • #5 Notre Dame @ NR Navy
  • NR Stanford @ #6 Oregon
  • NR Florida vs. #8 Georgia
  • #10 TCU @ #24 West Virginia
  • NR Oklahoma State @ #11 Kansas State
  • NR Illinois @ #12 Ohio State
  • NR Kansas @ #13 Baylor
  • #14 Arizona @ #25 UCLA
  • #19 Utah @ #15 Arizona State
  • NR Purdue @ #16 Nebraska
  • #17 ECU @ NR Temple
  • #18 Oklahoma @ NR Iowa State
  • #22 Duke @ NR Pittsburgh
  • NR Virginia @ #25 Georgia Tech

No doubt, this will be another “Shake Up Saturday”.  FSU has a lock on the Final Four. But if Bobby Petrino can pull a “Les Miles” out of his “Hat” and upset the Seminoles on Thursday night, the Top 10 will be rocked! #4 Auburn could go down, #10 TCU could go down. Arkansas will pound you with a punishing ground game – could they upset #1 Mississippi State? #14 Arizona could get beat by #25 UCLA and #15 Arizona State could lose to #19 Utah. As I write this story next Sunday, the Top 5 could be…#1 Alabama, #2 Notre Dame, #3 Oregon, #4 Georgia, and #5 Kansas State! Call the doctor…I think I’m gonna crash!!!

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College Football 2014…Recapping Week 8…The Convicts Escape!

College Football Week 2

So often we have, on paper at least, great match ups between 2 powerful teams. The hype and build up during the week is almost non-stop and the game turns out to be a dud or a blowout.

Football QuoteThe potential was there once again as the Fighting Irish and Florida State Seminoles met for a #2 versus a #5 battle to see who stays in the playoff hunt and who may exit the race. It not only lived up the billing but exceeded it! No doubt, it is an ESPN Classic. Let’s be honest, you either LOVE ND or you HATE ND, there is no middle ground. I talked with so many ND haters this week and to a person, they were all pulling for the Irish. Everyone is so sick and tired of the garbage surrounding FSU’s QB situation. If you or I were accused of sexual misconduct, stealing crab legs, getting paid for autograph signings, or violating the schools conduct policy, we would be locked up and never see the light of day again! Apparently, not at FSU and especially if your name is Jameis Winston.

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