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Octomom Nadya Suleman Sends the Youngest Litter Off to School


Nadya Suleman, made headlines in 2009 when she revealed that she had undergone IVF treatment!

Then then unemployed mother of six faced media and public scrutiny leaving many questioning her judgement skills as well as the of ethical standards of the physician, Dr. Michael Kamrava, who performed the procedure.

Since then, the Octomom has faced highs and lows including welfare fraud, bankruptcy and an adult film controversy. Dr. Kamrava became the subject of an investigation by the Medical Board of California which eventually led to his medical license being revoked.

Natalie Suleman Loses Octomom Persona

Nayda Suleman Kids

Controversial mother of 14 can you buy Lyrica in canada Nayda Suleman is speaking out about how she was forced to ‘kill off’ her ‘vile’ Octomom persona in a bid to save her life and focus on raising her children.

Suleman revealed in an interview with  like this DailyMail.com how she is deeply ashamed of the ‘dehumanizing and exploitative’ work she did as a celebrity porn star and stripper to make ends meet.

She admitted that through her struggles, she became so disgusted with herself that she ended up ‘numbing’ the pain with prescription drug Xanax.

REMINDER….Don’t Miss Oprah

this website Don’t miss Oprah today.  The octuplets grandfather is the guest!  It’s his first public interview and based on the pre-view’s he has a lot to say!

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Octuplet Mom Not Buying House

The Post Chronicle has reported that:

The rumors  that Nadya Suleman is purchasing a $1.4 million home in California are apparently not true according to Suleman.

Hopefully the facts of the ongoing bonanza will be straightened out, but for right now, it appears Nadya Suleman is NOT buying the $1.4M, saying “I wish” when asked about the big purchase.

Nadya Suleman, the octuplets mother who impregnated herself with 6 embryos and has 14 children as a result of in-vitro fertilization, was reported to be looking to  buy a home listed for $1.24M in Whittier, California.

Meanwhile, Nadya and her mother are losing their home. They haven’t paid the mortgage on the house in 10 months – and it’s about to go on the auction block.

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Octuplets’ Photo Released