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O.J. Simpson Unruly Banned from Vegas Hotel

OJ Simpson Banned from Hotel

O.J. Simpson was banned from a Las Vegas hotel bar Wednesday, but it remains unclear if he was behaving in an unruly manner, as reported.

If Simpson were drunk at the time, that could violate the terms of his parole following his release from a Nevada prison last month.

Parole Granted by the Nevada Prison Commissioners, O.J. Simpson Free

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole

O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday after serving more than eight years in a Nevada prison for a Las Vegas hotel heist.

Since 2008, Simpson has been at a medium-security prison, Lovelock Correctional Center located in a remote desert town of Lovelock, Nevada.

His appearance before the parole board was via video conferencing from the correctional facility.

Conrad Hilton Enters Not Guilty Plea to Violating Restraining Order

Conrad Hilton Plea Not Guilty
Conrad Hilton was on his best behavior in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday as he pleaded not guilty to stealing a Bentley and violating his ex-girlfriend’s restraining order.

Hilton, 23, was arrested outside ex-girlfriend Hunter Salomon’s house May 6 amid a bizarre meltdown in which he hurled homophobic epithets at Los Angeles Police Department officers and accused them of touching his penis.

Knife found at O.J. Simpson Estate Not Linked to Murder

OJ Simpsons Rockingham Estate

The folding buck knife which was found on the grounds of O.J. Simpson‘s Rockingham estate has no connection to knife used in the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Test results revealed that there was no evidence linking it to the double murder.

TMZ first reported that the microbes in the soil had degraded any possible DNA, so it was impossible to get any meaningful results.

Lamar Odom Hires Robert Shapiro

Lamar Odom hires Former OJ Simpson Lawyer Robert Shapiro.

Lamar Odom, is in dire need of some topnotch legal firepower following his DUI Lamar Odom will be represented in his current DUI case by Robert Shapiro, a man with a famous connection to Odom's in-laws.arrest last Friday.

Odom has reportedly hired OJ Simpson’s lawyer Robert Shapiro to get him out of the royal mess he has gotten himself in.

At the time of his arrest…Odom refused to submit to a blood test therefore, his license was suspended for one year.

Failure to submit to testing automatically results in a one year suspension.

Shapiro is known for plea bargaining will most likely suggest that Odom enter into a no contest  plead to one count of DUI.  The punishment for DUI is standard….and if all goes as planned….the NBA free agent will get one year of probation and will be ordered to attend an alcohol education class.

UPDATE:  Lamar Odom Spotted in Taxi

Note:  Robert Shapiro and the late Robert Kardashian represented the  former NBA star OJ Simpson during his  1995 murder trial.

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Troubled NBA star Lamar Odom Arrested for DUI.

Former O.J. Simpson Girlfriend is a Purse Snatcher

O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend-purse-snatcherO.J. Simpson’s ex-lover is a purse snatcher.  Christine Prody, who dated Simpson from 1996 ’til 2009 reportedly attempted to steal a ladies purse in the parking lot outside of a Fargo, North Dakota shopping mall.

The unidentified lady who suffered minor injuries…managed to hang on to the purse until authorities arrived. 

Prody…was charged in April after she stole pain medication from the home of a patient who she worked for as a nurses aid.

More about Christine Prody:

Prody who dated Simpson for 13 years feared for her life while dating the former NFL star. 

She claims she was subjected to Simpson constant physical and emotional abuse.

She says Simpson threatened to kill her, an accusation he has denied. S

She said she tried to leave on several occasions. 

Simpson is currently serving jail time in Nevada for armed robbery and kidnapping

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