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Actor Kevin Spacey Hiding Out in an Upscale Baltimore Townhouse

kevin spacey news

After allegations of sexual assault made by multiple sources actor Kevin Spacey, the accused, has managed to stay out of the public eye and media spotlight for nearly a year.

Spacey sought unspecified treatment following the allegations however, after that, his whereabouts remained unknown and it was almost as if he just vanished.

Roger Goodell Attends Bush Memorial No Mood to Talk About Kareem Hill

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell and his, Jane Skinner, attended the memorial for George H.W. Bush in Washington on Wednesday!

The celebrity gossip website TMZ.com paparazzi was also there covering the service, when they spotted the Commissioner of the National Football League.

“National Day of Morning”

Perhaps it wasn’t the most appropriate time to ask about disgraced former NFL star Kareem Hunt…but they felt they needed to do so anyway. They reportedly got up close and personal as they fired off questions regarding Hunt.

Kanye West Still Feuding With Wiz Khalifa

Kanye West Gossip and triviaKanye West  was obviously in no mood to discuss his tiff with recording artist Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa.

The feud began when Kanye changed his upcoming album title from “Swish” to “Waves,” which Wiz Khalifa criticized as dishonoring Max B and the Wave movement. Kanye was not pleased with Wiz’s subtweets, so he struck back on Wednesday. Many of the tweets alluding to Amber Rose — Kanye’s ex-girlfriend and Wiz’s ex-wife — were just downright nasty. (Rose has since responded with a comeback of her own, but it violates The Post’s language guidelines.) Kanye also issued warnings against speaking about his family and trashed Wiz’s music.

Watch Video Courtesy of TMZ Here

Brody Jenner Don’t Ask him About Kim

Brody Jenner Flips Out On Paparazzi Because Of Kim Kardashian

Brody Jenner PaparazziDon’t ask Brody Jenner about his reality star stepsister because you might not get the response you wanted.

Brody Jenner arrived at the  Sydney Airport earlier and was  greeted with a surprising amount of fanfare.

He was all grins until a paparazzo  him what Kim thought of Australia … Brody kicked into rage mode and headed straight towards

Brody rushed toward the photograph…thank goodness regained his composure and stopped short of taking him down.

It’s not know what trigger the outburst.

Brody Jenner, Why he Skipped Kim’s Wedding


Justin Bieber’s Canadian Visit Not Going Well

Justin Bieber Wrist InjuryJustin Bieber‘s trip to his homeland of Canada isn’t going as well as he expected.

The twenty-year-old  pop singer was arrested for assault and driving  dangerously after he was involved in an accident with a paparazzi photographer in a mini van.  Bieber was reportedly  driving an ATV when the incident occurred.  The collision then   led to a physical altercation in southwestern Ontario.

The latest indication that the homecoming isn’t going as well as planned was when he was seen entering a Ontario hospital today to have his injured wrist checked out.  According to sources…he suffered a sprain.