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Nationwide March for our Lives Rally Thousands Attend to Demand Change

Rally DC

Students turned up by the thousands to rally, show their support and make their voices heard at the March for Our Lives which took place in Washington D.C., on Saturday.

Majory Stoneman Douglas Resource Officer Resigns

Their message of solidarity to stop gun violence, was also heard loud and clear 2684 miles on the other side of the United States where celebrities and supporters gathered in up in downtown Los Angeles, to show their support and determination to put an end the violence.

Florida Shooters Younger Brother Zachary Cruz Arrested for Trespassing

Zachary Cruz Arrested Parkland

Zachary Cruz, the younger sibling of alleged Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz was arrested and taken into custody after he ventured onto the school grounds where his brother is accused of going on a killing rampage.

The Broward County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the 18-year-old after he allegedly rode his skateboard onto school property at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

Since Florida Shooting there have been 38 Threats Against Schools

Threats on the increase

Threats against schools in the United States is on the increase.

Shocking reports reveal that since the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting , there have been at least 38 different threats towards schools made in 20 different states across the US.

The threats include a viral Snapchat post made in Spartanburg, South Carolina by an unidentified 9th grader who threatened ‘round 2 Florida’ on social media and was arrested.

Florida High School Shot at Schools Hurricane Proof Windows

Parkland Hurricane Windows

Hurricane proof windows withstand the Florida shooter!

New pictures have surfaced which show that accused Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz, attempted to shoot out the hurricane proof windows on the top floor of a campus building to fire down at people below.

The shooter, failed to destroy the windows after discovering the glass where reinforced and hurricane proof.

Police say, had he succeeded, the loss and injuries at the Parkland, Florida high school may have been much worse.

Majory Stoneman Douglas The Woman Behind the High School


Marjory Stoneman Douglas News

More than 3,100 students returned to  Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida today.

It was their first time back since the tragic February 14th shooting that claimed the lives of 17 innocent victims and injured others.  The return was emotional as the students were cheered on by  adults holding signs and wearing burgundy “Douglas Strong” T-shirts.  Police presence was high which added a sense of safety however, along with teachers and staff, they too offered words of encouragement or a much needed hug.