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Elliot Rodger Lived a Privileged Life Style

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Rodger, the son of Hunger Games assistant directorPeter Rodger, grew up in a $1million house in an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Director Peter Rodger and Son Elliott

He drove a BMW, had a flair for fashion, sported $300.00 Armani sunglasses and travel first class abroad and  according to sources, he attended a “private” Katy Perry Concert.

Rodger’s, was also all about selfies (photos and videos), and the content he posted was a clear indication that he was sic and twisted.  His father, Peter Rodger, a film director, who is currently listed as working as an assistant director on an animated short called “Amazon: Crossroads to Survival,” contacted police several weeks ago about YouTube clips his son had uploaded in regards to “suicide and killing people.”  According to Peter Rodger’s attorney, the police interviewed Elliot and found him to be a “perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human.”

Watch Video Here

Man Responsible for UCSB Shootings Name Released

The identity of the man responsible for the UCSB shootings has been released.

Elliott Rodgers California ShooterElliot Rodger, the  22-year-old son of  Peter Rodger, the second unit director of the first installment of “Hunger Games,” has been identified as the person responsible for the horrific massacre at University of California-Santa Barbara. Friday night.

Rodger stabbed to death three roommates at his apartment before starting his shooting spree, before he unleashed his violence on the streets of Isla Vista — the UCSB community.

According to sources,  Rodgers’ posted a YouTube video, a young man sitting behind the wheel of a car with tinted windows parked in front of palm trees talks of “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires” and blames women for throwing themselves at “obnoxious brutes” but rejecting him, “the supreme gentleman.”

The video, titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution,” Watch Video Here

“For the last eight years of my life, since I hit puberty, I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires, all because girls have never been attracted to me,” Rodger says in the video. “Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men, never to me.”