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US Marshal Service Deploys Added Security to Federal Courthouse

security increased in oregon

Authorities on both the State and Federal levels increase security and vow to take action against violent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters in Portland, Oregon.

As the chaos and protest continue in Portland, the US Marshals Service announced it’s plans to deploying 100 deputy marshals to fortify security outside Portland’s federal courthouse.

San Francisco Couple Get’s Backlash Over Black Lives Matter Stencil

black lives matter

The reference “black lives matter” can be heard throughout social media, the news as well as violent and peaceful protest since the death of George Floyd.

A San Francisco woman Lisa Alexander along with her husband, Robert Larkin, confronted a neighbor for using chalk to stencil a Black Lives Matter message on his Pacific Heights property has apologized, and her husband has lost his job.

Christian Cooper Upcoming Interview to Appear on Gail King


Harvard graduate Christian Cooper, 57, was the man who was bird watching in an area of the park known as The Ramble over the Memorial Day weekend when he encountered Amy Cooper,

Miss Cooper, 41-years-old was walking her dog unleashed, which is against park rules.

Candace Owens Attends Roundtable Discussion on Race Relations

candace owens

Black conservative activist Candace Owens was included in Vice President Mike Pence’s roundtable on race relations on Thursday.

Pence took to social media to tweet about the meeting he had met with a number of black Americans to discuss ‘how we can move our Nation forward in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd and the protests and rioting that have ensued’.

Angry Man Pushes Student During Protest VIDEO

Students block major rode in protest causing traffic delays for commuters traveling to work!

Man pushes protestor videoDozens of UCSD students brought traffic to a halt on northbound Interstate 5 Wednesday morning to protest the decision of a grand jury in Ferguson, Mo., not to indict a white policeman for killing an unarmed black teenager.

A crowd of an estimated 50 to 70 protesters marched onto the freeway at Nobel Drive at about 6:49 a.m., blocking the northbound lanes. They remained in the roadway for about 40 minutes until San Diego police arrived and removed them.

The protesters left the freeway peacefully and began marching on surface streets. There were no immediate reports of arrests.

The demonstrators, led by an unidentified man with a bullhorn, held signs objecting to the Missouri grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed but allegedly came at the officer and, at one point, tried to take his service weapon from him.

 Saints Benjamin Watson’s Post Goes Viral

Before authorities arrived on the freeway, several stranded motorists exited their vehicles and yelled at the protesters to move. At least one frustrated motorist got into a brief physical confrontation with the man holding the bullhorn.

San Diego police continued to monitor the protesters movements as they marched on city streets.

Watch Video Here