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Ricky Carmichael: Greatest of All Time

Photo by Kev via Wikimedia Commons

Ricky Carmichael is a triple threat — he tears it up in NASCAR, Motocross and Supercross.

Perhaps this is why, as the American Motorcyclist Association points out, Carmichael is so often referred to as the GOAT, or Greatest of All Time. His secret, outside of his natural talent, is taking on new challenges to keep boredom and complacency at bay. He also takes care to prevent injury. This ambitious, yet practical approach to racing underscores just why Carmichael’s legacy has endured nearly two decades and why, barring catastrophe, his career success will likely continue for years to come.

Carmichael’s Successful Motocross Career

Ricky Carmichael has had a wonderfully long motorcycle racing career, having started racing professionally in 1997.Ricky Carmichael has had a wonderfully long motorcycle racing career, having started racing professionally in 1997. Although he also began racing Supercross at a young age, he initially proved more successful in the realm of Motocross. Labeled the No. 1 Motocross competitor in the world by Racer X, Carmichael easily earned the distinction through numerous championship titles. Following his brief pursuit of race car driving between 2009 and 2011, he returned to Motocross, eager to re-establish himself as the reigning champ. While doing so, Carmichael also sought to lengthen his racing career by keeping in top physical shape and taking advantage of the best motorcycle safety gear. As he said in an interview with Cycle World, “Safety is always my number-one concern.”

Forays into Supercross

Supercross shares similarities with Motocross, but Supercross tracks offer a higher level of difficulty. While courses tend to be slower, racers have greater technical skill. Often, Motocross racers find themselves moving into the realm of Supercross as they seek new challenges. Such was the case for Ricky Carmichael, who quickly displayed just as much promise in his new sport. As Cycle News points out, Carmichael managed to snag five Monster Energy Supercross championships, an accomplishment attributed to great sportsmanship and an even greater work ethic.

Photo by Kev via Wikimedia Commons

Brief Transition To NASCAR

Carmichael found victory harder to achieve as a NASCAR racer. Switching from Motocross to Supercross, and vice versa, remains quite common among racers. A complete transition to the world of race car driving proves far less typical. Always up for a challenge, Carmichael decided to show the world that he could be a true triple threat. After training under the expertise of Mark Martin, Carmichael competed in the Camping World East Series, the Toyota All-Star Showdown, and ultimately, as a part of Kevin Harvick’s team for the 2009 Sprint Cup Series. Unfortunately, Carmichael found victory harder to achieve as a NASCAR racer. He eventually opted for a return to Motocross and Supercross although, as informed USA Today Sports, he learned plenty about the business side of racing during his time with NASCAR. He hopes these lessons will help him secure new sponsors as he seeks to cement his comeback in motorcycle racing.

Photo by Royalbroil via Wikimedia Commons

Marshawn Lynch Snubs Reporters

NEWARK, N.J. — Marshawn Lynch showed up at Super Bowl media day. Barely.

Media Day Marshawn LynchThe Seattle Seahawks running back, who wasn’t given a podium, spoke to the media for six minutes and 20 seconds Tuesday before retreating to a back wall at the Prudential Center.

required session after just six minutes Tuesday at Super Bowl media day.

In his few minutes of talking with the media, Lynch said his fans weren’t worried about what he would say.

“They just want to make sure I show up to perform,” he said.

Lynch ignored the media from that point on except for granting the NFL Network a brief interview, when he repeatedly said that media day “ain’t my thing.”

“No need to talk about it,” Lynch told NFL Network. “Was raised like that. … Game time, though, I’ll be there.”  Read full story here

About: Marshawn Terrell Lynch, nicknamed “Beast Mode”, is an American football running back for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.

Marshawn Lynch has found the pot at the end of the rainbow — the Skittles rainbow, that is.

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Previewing The Cheltenham Festival Races

Cheltenham Festival

With the 2014 horse racing calendar already underway, fans of the sport are beginning to turn their attention toward some of the early big events of the year. And one such event, taking place in mid-May in the UK, is the Cheltenham Festival, which is consistently one of the most varied and enjoyable racing events of the year.

The Cheltenham Festival takes place over the course of four days (March 11th-14th) and features a number of high-profile races. In this post, we’ll do a brief preview of these various races, including the odds for some of the main events as listed by betting.betfair.com. This is a dynamic sports betting site online with extensive odds for a number of horse racing events, and that includes early listings for the Cheltenham Festival. Now, on to the races!

March 11

There are a number of races scheduled for each day of the event, but at cheltenham.co.uk you can get a clear idea of which ones constitute the main highlights. On March 11—or Champion Day, as it’s called—the Stan James Champion Hurdle is the most significant race. The early betting odds have The New One listed as the favorite with 16/5 (4.2) odds to win. Two-time winner Hurricane Fly is close behind at 100/30 (4.3), setting up what could be a thrilling contest.

March 12

March 12 is Ladies Day at the Cheltenham, though the main race is known as the Queen Mother Champion Chase. It is arguably the premier two-mile chase in the UK and perhaps even all of Europe. This is a particularly intriguing event in 2014, because popular champion Sprinter Sacre is the runaway betting favorite at 101/50 (2.02) odds to win. But it isn’t yet confirmed that Sprinter Sacre will race, as the horse has been recovering from health issues.

March 13

The 13th is more of a celebration (specifically for St. Patrick’s Day) at the Cheltenham, but it isn’t devoid of racing action. The Ladbrokes World Hurtle is the event of the day, and this year Big Buck (4/1) is the favorite for the event. Big Buck missed out on the title in 2013 due to injury but is considered far and away the best hurdler in the competition. In other words, Big Buck is a safe bet. Defending champion Solwhit is the third betting favorite behind Big Buck and second favorite Annie Power.

March 14

Wrapping up the festival will be Gold Cup Day featuring, naturally, the Gold Cup as the headline finale. Defending champion Bobs Worth is once again the betting favorite at 3.2. He’s followed by Silviniaco Conti (4.8) with the rest of the field quite far behind. This is always a highly competitive National Hunt event, as it’s run over three-plus miles and with 22 fences for the horses to clear.

So there’s our preview of the Cheltenham Festival 2014! For horse racing enthusiasts, it’s always a wonderful event to follow (and bet on) early in the season.

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Aaron Hernandez Draws Nude Women Photos in Jail

How does Aaron Hernandez pass the time in jail?  Aaron Hernandez doodles naked women.

Aaron Hernandez Doodles The former NFL tight end has reportedly using his artistic talents drawing naked big-bootied ladies.

According to TMZ.com, Hernandez  sent a  letter which contained one of his sketches to a male penpal right before Thanksgiving … and after going on about how he’s still innocent, and still not sweating the murder charge yada, yada, yada … he punctuated his letter with a sketch of a Kardashianesque nude.

The sketch included a caption: “Dats a bad bitch lol.”
Hernandez was indicted by a grand jury on August 22, 2013, for the murder of Odin Lloyd, and is currently being investigated in connection with other murders in both Florida and Massachusetts.

“>Hernandez maintains his innocence.  The Patriots released Aaron Hernandez on June 26, 2013, shortly after officers from the North Attleboro, Massachusetts Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police arrested him at his home.
none;”>Selected in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL draft by the New England Patriots (113th overall).
At first he committed to play for the University of Connecticut.
Aaron Hernandez has been dating Shayanna Jenkins since 2007.
Hernandez and Jenkins have a daughter, Avielle Janelle, who was born in November 2012.

Aaron Hernandez -The aftermath of his legal issues:

CytoSport and Puma canceled their endorsement deals with Hernandez; Puma canceled its deal after Hernandez’s arrest, while CytoSport canceled its deal a few days prior.

EA Sports announced that Hernandez’s likeness would be dropped from its NCAA Football 14 and Madden NFL 25 video games.

A prize-winning photo of Hernandez from his rookie season at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, was removed after visitor complaints.

Panini America, a sports memorabilia and trading card company, removed stickers of Hernandez from approximately 500,000 sticker books which had yet to be sent to collectors and replaced the stickers, as well as trading cards, with cards depicting Tim Tebow.

The University of Florida removed Hernandez’s name and likeness from various locations at its football facilities.

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