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Hurricane Harvey Reeks Major Havoc on Texas Gulf Coast and Beyond

Hurricane Harvey hits Texas

Hurricane Harvey continues to take it’s toll on the Lone Star state causing ‘life-threatening floods,’ high winds and property damage to thousands of homes and businesses.

Harvey has claimed its first life as one person is dead and 14 more are left injured after the Category Four hurricane slammed into Texas on Friday night.

The storm barrelled through the state’s southeast region with 130mph winds and the Lone Star state is now bracing for catastrophic flooding due to five feet of rain.

Hurricane Matthew Storm Tracker News Updates

Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew Reeks Havoc  in the Caribbean!

Hurricane Matthew,  took aim at the Bahamas on Thursday after leaving behind a humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

At least 15 people died from Matthew’s wrath in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, officials said.

Tornadoes Devastate Parts of Northeast Nebraska

Mother Nature’s force reeked havoc in Nebraska Monday evening when a deadly duo of massive, fast-moving buy Lyrica online australia tornadoes rained down  on Monday evening.

A severe storm system created multiple tornadoes in northeast Nebraska Monday, including simultaneous tornadoes Pilger, Nebraska located in the northeast part of the state which was reportedly devastated after winds of up to  200MPH  ripped though the town leveling  homes, neighborhoods and a middle school in ruins.

Another nearby town, Stanton, which has an estimated population 1,500, was pummeled as well.

One person has been killed and 16 were said to be critically injured.

Bay Bridge, Maryland People Pay to be Shuttled Across

Much of eastern Nebraska, northern Iowa and southern Minnesota remained under a here tornado watch as of late afternoon. The entire region was under a “moderate” risk of severe storms through the rest of the day, the Storm Prediction Center reported, with violent http://groorganic.net/pages/ tornadoes possible.

Additional storms will roll through Omaha, Neb., Monday, home of the College World Series, AccuWeather predicted.

Storm Safety and Precautions

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Storms Hit Branson, Missouri

Double Tornadoes Sweep Across Eastern Nebraska


Storms Hit Branson, Missouri

The Midwest was hit by a powerful storm system early Wednesday…taking it’s toll on the music resort city of Branson, Missouri

According to sources at Skaggs Regional Medical Center located in Branson, 37 people received treatment for injuries.  They reported that most were minor however, one person is said to be critically injured after a roof collapsed.

The Associated Press reported that the storm reeked havoc on some of the areas signature venues located on Branson’s main strip.

The Andy Williams Moon River Theater and The Legends Theater are said to have sustained significant damage.

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Joplin Missouri

Tornado Destroys Parts of Joplin Missouri A  devastating tornado ripped through  parts of the southwest Missouri city of Joplin claiming the lives of at least 89 people on Sunday. According to authorities the death toll from the ravishing storm is expected to rise…as the search, rescue and cleanup operations begin. The storm damaged a hospital…read more here

Aumsville Oregon

Updated – A rare tornado hit the tiny town of  Aumsville, Oregon around noon Tuesday, causing significant damage and destruction of  half a dozen buildings. Thank goodness no one was injure! A eyewitnesses described the as  sounding  “like a jet, and ‘crash, boom, bang” “It is a mess,” Aumsville Police clerk Patti Etherington, described it…read more here

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Branson, Missouri: After Tornado,Tourism Show Will Go On

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Haiti Earthquake: 360° Video

UN: Haiti calls off search and rescue

Saying there is little hope of finding more people alive more than 10 days after the earthquake, Haiti’s government declared the search and rescue phase for survivors over, the United Nations said Saturday.

The government’s Friday afternoon decision does not mean rescue teams still looking for survivors would be stopped, a U.N. spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

On Friday, Cuba helped expedite the process by agreeing to let all U.S. military and civilian aircraft carrying humanitarian relief fly straight to the Guantánamo Bay Navy Base through Cuban airspace.

The statement from the U.N. came a day after rescue workers freed a 22-year-old man entombed in the ruins of Port-au-Prince for 10 days.

The U.N. said anywhere from 500,000 to 700,000 survivors are living in squalid tent cities that have sprouted around Port-au-Prince.

How Old is Madonna, Hope for Haiti Performers

Haiti Earthquake survivors

Kids from damaged orphanage unite with adoptive parents at Miami International Airport (VIDEO)

Haiti Aftershock (VIDEO)

The largest influx of Haitian orphans so far to come through Miami International Airport arrived early Friday morning, carried in a security guard’s brawny forearms, swaddled in blankets, dreaming of seeing a fluffy thing called snow. They were dubbed the “Haiti 80.”

Cayman Islands Quake

Highlights:  A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck off the coast of the Cayman Islands, 600 miles west of Haiti, on Tuesday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. There were reports of weak to light shaking on Grand Cayman Island, according to the USGS.  Read full story here

Guatemala Quake

Another in a series of earthquakes in the aftermath of the Haiti magnitude 7 event occurred off Guatmala yesterday.

This one, and a lighter 3.8 magnitude one the Dominican Republic occurred less than two hours apart.  Read full story here