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Ryan Lochte Brazilian Officials Want 70,000 Brazilian Reals

Ryan Lochte Pay 70,000 Brazilian Reals

Perhaps disgraced swimmer Ryan Lochte can take a big breaststroke and put his Rio ordeal in his “stupid things I did when I was drunk  file” and move on.

buy Lyrica belfast According to sources, Rio officials have offered Lochte a deal to make his criminal case go away.  The offer is a settlement of 70,000 Brazilian Reals.  This equals $20,149 U.S. currency.

Michael Phelps Retirement Announcement

Michael Phelps retires

Team USA’s most colorful swimmer, Michael Phelps has just officially  has announced his retirement from Olympic swimming.

The -year-old gold medalist did a a livestream with fans Saturday and the question of his return to the games for 2020 came up.

He was adamant !

This isn’t the first time Phelps has announced his “retirement. “In 2012 after the games in London he told the press that he was no longer going to compete.

Michael Phelps Tweets About DUI

Michael Phelps Gambling Addiction VIDEO

Michael Phelps Has a Gambling Problem enalapril in usa According to tabloid news (National Enquirer) headlines Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has a real obsession with gambling and one of his  closes “poker playing” friends is concerned that he might through away millions of dollars in winnings and endorsements playing poker. Phelps has a net worth of $45 million.

 Phelps, the winner of 22 Olympic medals, has reportedly played for years and a source close to Phelps claims that ‘All Michael thinks about is gambling.’

This isn’t the first time Phelps gambling rumors have surfaced…Four years ago after Phelps was an Olympic gold medalist…Similar reports and allegations made headlines.  The primary source of the rumors were said to be fueled by the website Gambling911.com.

Friends insist that Phelps might not be the best at poker – as he’s adopted the attitude of don’t leave the table until you win, an attitude he can afford.

Michael Phelps Talks About Poker (VIDEO) and Poker Tweets

Check back for Michael Phelps Gambling UPDATES

Michael Phelps  Thoroughbred Ownership

Phelps is considering owning some potentially champion racehorses, according to the Thoroughbred Times.

Phelps, who retired as a competitive swimmer after scooping the most Olympic medals ever, admitted he would like to own a Thoroughbred with his coach Bob Bowman, the report explained.

Phelps is a passionate fan of horse racing recently tweeting that he was sad not to attend the Preakness and plans to attend the triple crown next year, the Thoroughbred Times said.
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After over a dozen of Tiger Woods’ extra-marital affairs came forward to the press, the golfer was dropped by several of his sponsors, which contributed to his $110 million income last year. Gillette and Gatorade are among the companies of whom Woods is now a former spokesperson, eliminating a large portion of the golfer’s earnings.

Heidi Montag Broke

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are claiming they are broke.  They are attributing there poor financial status to seriously mismanaging their money. They spent years showing the world their lavish life styles on reality television and now according to sources regret some of their poor spending choices (perhaps the ten plastic surgeries Montag had).

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Diana Nyad Begins Swim from Cuba to the U.S.

Diana Nyad, 61, a world class long distance swimmer, began her 103 mile swim from Cuba to the United States on Sunday.

Nyad began her swim at 7:45 pm ET.  Her starting point was at Havana’s Marina Hemingway.

Prior to the start of her marathon swim, Nyad told the press…  “We want these three days to help the two countries get closer.”   She also wants everyone to realize that as you age life gets better.  She told CNN who is the only news agency that will accompany her ” I am a better athlete today than I was at 29.”

She will be accompanied by a team of 45 people which will be spread across five yachts and four kayaks.  Trained shark divers will take turns swimming nearby.  They will use electronic devices to keep the predators away.  She opted out of a shark cage.

There are also concerns about the conditions of the sea and weather.  In order to set a world record…she can not touch a boat until she reaches land.  She will stop and tread water every 45 minutes to prevent dehydration and will stop very 90 minutes to eat.

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Great White Shark Jumps Aboard

Talk about a close encounter with a great white shark…According to the Cape Times, six researchers from South Africa were totally caught off guard when they had a close encounter with a great white shark. The research team from Oceans Research were working off Seal Island, near Mossel Bay, on South Africa’s Cape coast, when the 10-foot-long […]

Girl Forgives Shark that Bit Her

Talk about a fighting spirit! The 6-year-old girl who was attacked by a shark in North Carolina last week says she still prefers dolphins but has forgiven the shark that bit her. “He didn’t really mean to do it,” she told reporters on Tuesday, according to WRAL.com.

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Michael Phelps Swims For More Than Medals

michael phelps

Gold medalist Michael Phelps has returned to the place where he made Olympic History.  However, this time he’s going to be swimming for more than gold medals.

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