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Bachelor Juan Pablo has Brainwashed Nikki

juan pablo nikki

Has Bachelor’s Juan Pablo brain washed Nikki Ferrell.  According to her ex-boyfriend, Juan Pablo has changed her as ‘she normally wouldn’t take s*** from a guy’

The ex, who dated the Bachelor winner for a year before their July 2013 split,  also said: ‘The Nikki I know would have slapped him and walked out.’

He whispered to a contestant he liked f***ing her and contended no one wanted to see homosexuals on a dating show.

But Nikki Ferrell is still sticking by her unpopular reality star boyfriend Juan Pablo Galavis even weeks after their show The Bachelor ended.

Juan Pablo , The BachelorNow the blonde’s ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill – who resembles the Venezuelan smooth talker – is insisting Ferrell, 26, must have been brainwashed. ‘She normally wouldn’t take that s*** from a guy,’ he told UsWeekly on Wednesday.

Juan Pablo Galavis Guinand is an American-born Venezuelan former professional soccer midfielder/forward, who retired in 2008. In 2013, he was chosen as the first Latino star of the ABC-TV reality show The Bachelor after 17 editions.

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The Bachelor Ben Tricked by Courtney

According to sources…”The Bachelor’s” Ben Flajnik is being tricked by Courtney Robertson, 28….the crazy and mean model that everyone dislikes. In a recent interview Courtney’s ex, Dylan Hall, held nothing back when ask about her….He claims that “While on the  Continued

Ex-Bachelor Contestant Kylie Claims Setup

 The Bachelor contestant Kylie Lewis claims producers  set her up and manipulated  her into humiliating herself  Kylie Lewis blames producerson show.

Kylie claims that producers advised her to swap her strawberry blonde locks for a vivacious red mane, told her to don a pink dress as opposed to a purple one, and asked her to tweet Juan Pablo immediately following their first interaction – appearing rather desperate.

Another humiliating moment for Kylie occurred during the rose ceremony when Juan Pablo called Kat to accept a rose … and Kylie came down instead.

Juan Pablo quickly corrected the situation, leading Kylie to respond, “Oh I thought he said Kylie. Sorry!” Joking if Juan Pablo could give them both roses, Kylie ultimately ended up with zero roses and one hilarious line before being sent home — “I’m gonna throw up.” Things got a little wackier when on her exit interview she told the cameras that she could picture Juan Pablo even more in her life after meeting him.

ABOUT:  Kylie Lewis:  Age: 23, Occupation: Interior Designer, Hometown: Rockford, IL, Height: 5′ 8.5″, Tattoos: Four, Favorite Flower: Snap dragons, Time it takes to get ready for a big night: 1.5 hours.  45 if necessary, Favorite Board Game: Jumanji Status: Eliminated in 1st Rose Ceremony

  • Do you have any pets and if so, what kind?

One cat, Bentley.  Since childhood, we’ve had tons of cats, all named after cars.  I want a big loyal dog!

  • What is your greatest achievement to date?

I would say my greatest achievement is being an extremely involved aunt and arranging my life to be able to help my sister with her daughters while she finishes her nursing program.

  • What is your biggest date fear?

Being vulnerable with someone that doesn’t feel the same.

  • Who is your favorite artist and why?

My Grandpa.  He’s passed, but I love seeing his art and trying to determine what he was thinking while creating each piece.

  • I hate it when my date:

1.  Is rude to the wait staff.  2. Eats less than I do.  3. Chews with his mouth open.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 18th season of the hit ABC reality show saw almost 9m viewers during its two hour premiere – up 17 percent from Sean Lowe’s season during which he proposed to stunner Catherine Giudici.

[Click HERE to read a full recap of episode 1 of “The Bachelor.”]

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Remembering Gia Allemand, The Bachelor

Gia Allemand was a beloved member of the Bachelor community. Her untimely death has left many whose lives Gia Allemand Bachelorshe touched in shock, and mourning.

It also left many searching for answers…why…how could a bright, beautiful and smart young women fall into a place that was so dark…which in the end…cause her to take her own life?

There are no answers that will every really make sense, however, through education, support and research… Gia’s mother, the cast crew and producers of the ABC show “The Bachelor” are encouraging friends, family, fans and admirers of Gia to support The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Donations can be made directly to the foundation or by downloading Matt White’s song “TAKING ON WATER”, which was played on Sunday’s nights episode. All proceeds from the download will go to this important charity.

 Download Matt White’s “Taking On Water”  Here

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Melissa Rycroft Expecting


Melissa Rycroft,  announced via twitter that she was expecting her second child, Melissa Rycroft Expectingdue in Spring 2014.

Rycroft, the season 13 of “The  Bachelor” contestant who was famously dumped​ by her “Bachelor” fiance Jason Mesnick on live television is expecting.

Melissa shared the great news that she and her husband were expecting their second child with  husband Tye Strickland!

Melissa said in her TWEET…”Clearly excited to share our big news!!! A new little Strickland will debut this fall!” the 30-year-old tweeted with her positive Clearblue pregnancy test.

About Melissa Rycroft:  She was briefly engaged to Jason Mesnick, whom she met on The Bachelor. Mesnick called the engagement off after he admitted he was still in love with runner-up, Molly Malaney. Rycroft and Mesnick also explained that the relationship was strained and entirely different off camera.

Emotionally shattered, returned to Tye Strickland, whom she had had a casual relationship on and off with for a number of years.

Rycroft later admitted in her memoir that she had always been in love with Tye Strickland, and only was prompted to appear on Bachelor by Strickland’s repeated rejections of her pleas for a more committed relationship.

In June 2009 she announced via Twitter that she and Strickland were engaged

They married on December 12, 2009, in Mexico.

On February 16, 2011, she gave birth to the couple’s first child, daughter Ava Grace Strickland.

On October 22, 2013 she announced via twitter that she was expecting her second child, due in Spring 2014.

The Bachelorette’s’ Brooks Forester Makes Fun Of Desiree Hartsock’s Fiancé

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“Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky made her choice — Chris Lambton was let go early and it appears as though Ali and Roberto Martinez are still engaged and happy. They say they’ve even bought a place together in San Diego.

How did some past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants react?

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant

Melissa Rycroft will be tangoing into the delivery room in a matter of months. The former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant — who was proposed to and then dumped on “The Bachelor” — is pregnant with her first baby.

Season 18 of The Bachelor is scheduled to premiere in January 2014

The Season 18 Bachelor is Juan Pablo Galavis (born August 5, 1981)is an United States-born former professional football midfielder/forward, who retired in 2008.


Ryan Anderson Talks About Girlfriend Gia Allemand’s Death


Gia Allemand and Chris AndersonNBA player Ryan Anderson fought through tears today as he spoke publicly about the death of his former girlfriend Gia Allemand.

Gia died on August 14, 2013 just two days after she  was admitted to University Hospital in New Orleans  and placed on life support after an attempted suicide by hanging.

Anderson, who plays forward for the New Orlean Pelicans spoke about his girlfriends death during the teams media day.  He praised his teammates for their strength and support.  He also told sources  her death has given him new purpose in his life.  He plans to do something in her honor and memory.

Gia, a former contestant on  ABC’s “The Bachelor” season 14 lived in New Orleans Chris Anderson NBAhad reportedly had a bitter dispute with Anderson just hours before she attempted to take her own life.

 Gia Allemand’s Mom Blames Suicide on Menstrual Cycle

Gia Allemand’s mom blames the suicide attempt  on  her menstrual cycle.  According to Donna Micheletti, Gia’s Mom…her daughter had  intense premenstrual syndrome clouded her thinking and likely contributed to her suicide.

Allemand hanged herself with a vacuum cleaner cord within two hours of her NBA boyfriend claiming he didn’t love her anymore, according to cops.


Gia Marie Allemand, known professionally as Gia Allemand, was an American actress, model, and reality television contestant.   She was known for appearing in Maxim and competing on two ABC reality shows, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and Bachelor Pad.

Ryan James Anderson (born May 6, 1988) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association (NBA).  On June 26, 2008,  Anderson was drafted #21 overall by the New Jersey Nets in the first round of the NBA Draft. He made his NBA debut on October 29, 2008.

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Gia Allemand Dies Following Suicide Attempt

Former Bachelor star Gia Allemand, 29,  has died after an attempted suicide which left her with critical loss of brain and organ function.  Gia was found by her NBA star boyfriend Ryan Anderson unconscious and hanging in her home on Monday.  The New Orleans Pelicans forward contacted 911.  She was transported to the hospital where she was placed on life support and listed in critical condition.  On Tuesday, her condition remained critical with no improvement.  On Wednesday her family made the decision to take her off life support.  Read more here

Season 18 of The Bachelor is  scheduled to premiere in January 2014

Season 18 Bachelor is Juan Pablo Galavis (born August 5, 1981)is an United States-born former professional football midfielder/forward, who retired in 2008.

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