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Katie Holmes Shares Daughter’s Birthday Photo on Instagram

Katie Holmes Instagram

Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise, turned 14 on Saturday and Holmes celebrated on social media.

The actress shared a rare photo of her teen on her verified Instagram account.

Tom Cruise Surprises Son Connor at a London Nightclub

Tom Cruise crashed the London club scene last night … but he wasn’t there to party … he was there to support his son who was DJing at one of the biggest nightclubs in town.

Connor Cruise London Actor Tom Cruise payed his seventeen-year-old son Connor a surprise visit last night when he showed up at a London nightclub  where his son aka DJ C-Squared was D-J-ing  last night.

The trendy club known as “Chinawhite” is one was a “hotspot” for Olympians who participated in the 2012 Summer Games.

According to sources…Connor who Cruise adopted with second wife Nicole Kidman was pleasantly surprise to see his dad.   Isabella, Connor’s 19-year-old sister, who is reportedly also showed up to support her brother which turned the evening into a family affair.

Connor tweeted about the evening saying “@chinawhiteclub Thank you!! Last night was so much fun, what a great crowd and great venue!! #MuchLove,”

   Photos: Olympic Athletes Party at “Chinawhite”

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Katie Holmes Fears Scientology Practices

According to sources…actress Katie Holmes,  filed for divorce last week from actor Tom Cruise, in a desperate attempt to save their daughter Suri from the religious practices of the “Church of Scientology.” Suri is now 6 years old, the age when kids reportedly start becoming more involved in Scientology.

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Director Tony Scott Did Not Have Brain Cancer

UPDATE:  Director Tony Scott’s wife says he did not have inoperable brain cancer.

English born movie director Tony Scott, 68, who committed suicide on Sunday by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles reportedly did not have inoperable brain cancer as previously reported.

Scott was hospitalized earlier this summer and told friends it was for a hip operation. But they knew he had previously kicked cancer and some believe it had come back.

The news about Scott’s false cancer diagnosis has left many wondering what what could have driven the successful director, whose films have grossed more than $2billion, to kill himself and leave behind his wife, Donna Wilson Scott, and their twin sons, Frank and Max, born in 2000.

At around 12:30 PM on Sunday Scott reportedly leaped, without hesitation from the 1,500-foot (460 m) long suspension bridge.  crossing the Los Angeles Harbor in the U.S. state of California, linking San Pedro, Los Angeles, with Terminal Island.   Scott’s body fell within feet of a cruise boat as horrified tourists watched.

His body was recovered at around 3:00 PM on Sunday by divers.

Scott,  ran Scott Free Productions with his older brother Ridley Scott.  The production company was also working on a movie for “National Geographic” called Killing Lincoln, a film about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Original Tony Scott Story Here

Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Lincoln’ continues to stir controversy…Citing errors, some Lincoln-related historic sites are refusing to carry the book, although O’Reilly accuses critics of nitpicking.  Read more here

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Alexander McQueen

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen found dead McQueen was noted both for his flamboyance and impeccable tailoring. His death comes just as designers in New York have begun unveiling their fall 2010 collections. McQueen was scheduled to show his line in Paris in March.

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Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide

Director Tony Scott Hollywood is said to be shocked by the death of a well-known and highly respected movie director Tony Scott who committed  suicide yesterday at around  12:30 p.m in plain sight of dozens of people.

According to Authorities, Scott had inoperable brain cancer at the time of his death left several suicide notes in his car before jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge, which is a towering suspension bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island.

Scott directed numerous films throughout his career.  The most notable include  the 1986 film “Top Gun” which starred actor Tom Cruise and “Beverly Hills Cop II,” starring Eddie Murphy and Brigitte Nielsen in 1987.  Other films included “True Romance,”  “The Taking of Pelham 123 and the1998 film Enemy of the State, which was  a conspiracy thriller, starring and Gene Hackman.  It was his highest-grossing film of the decade. 

See More Films Here

A dive team with Los Angeles Port Police used Sonar Equipment to locate the body.  Scott’s body was recovered at 4:30 PM on Sunday afternoon.

His body has since been turned over to coroner officials.

Scott is survived by his wife, Donna Wilson Scott, and their twin sons, Frank and Max, born in 2000.

Celebrity reactions to the death of Tony Scott

Tom Cruise …Scott “was a creative visionary whose mark on film is immeasurable.”

Ron Howard… “No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day.”

Adam Shankman… “My heart stopped when I heard of the tragic death of 1 of r most inspiring directors, Tony Scott. Rest In Peace Tony. U will be missed so…”

Michael Moore… ”True Romance. The scene with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in a Detroit railyard is a classic. RIP Tony Scott.”

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Angelo Reyes

Angelo Tomas Reyes, 65,  Former Armed Forces Chief and Defense Secretary has reportedly committed suicide. According to  a close friend  he shot himself at his mothers grave at  his mother at the Loyola  Memorial Park in Marikina City.

Student Commits Suicide Because of Excessive Blushing

The parents of 20-year-old Brandon Thomas, a student at the University of Washington, are speaking out about their sons suicide. Thomas, suffered from a condition which caused uncontrollable blushing.

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Cruise and Holmes Divorce Settlement Reached

It’s  Finally Over…Settlement Reached

Attorney Bert Fields,  has reported that  a  settlement in the Tom Cruies & Katie Holmes divorce case has been reached and that both parties are pleased with the agreement.

According to TMZ.com,  Holmes attorney Jonathan Wolfe, reported that the agreement has been signed and is in place so that both Holmes and Cruise can begin a new chapter in their lives.

One condition,  was that Cruise would have “meaningful, significant” contact with the couples six-year-old daughter Suri.”

In a closing statement Wolfe said “We thank Tom’s counsel for their professionalism and diligence that helped bring about this speedy resolution.”

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Scientology Responds to Sea Organization Concerns

Katie Holmes Fears Scientology Practices

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