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Lonely Traveler Sings Celine Dion Song Self Made Video

When http://silktheartof.com/U Richard Dunn set out to pass the time in a Vegas Airport, he never dreamed that his video would go VIRAL.

celine dionHey there “ http://geomorphic-solutions.com/admin/images/cal_date_over.gif Loney boy” next time you feel alone and “ internet All by Yourse more info here l f” in a Vegas airport,  waiting on that “Midnight Plane to Georgia.” Celine Dion will be glad to entertain you although you have proven that you have what it takes to entertain the world.

Here’s the Amazing Video….Enjoy…It’s a must see!

Richard Dunn a Lighting Designer, Owner of Dunnlights Inc., Technical Director and Story Teller from Canton Georgia,  volunteered to take a later flight out of McCarran International airport which would not fly out until early morning.