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Munchkin Cat Pops Water Balloons A Must See Video

 Funny Munchkin Cat Finds Popping Water Balloons Very Entertaining

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Grandma Dottie’s Prom Dress Worn 57-Years Later

When a young girl was given her grandmother’s high school prom dress to play dress up….Never did she dream just how special it would become someday 57-years later.

The grandmother whose name is Dottie…had no idea until her granddaughter Cassie surprises her with the dress!

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Cat Misses Dog After 10 Day Separation VIDEO

Another animal video is trending on GOOGLE.  The video shows a dog name Bow-Z remains patient as Jasper gives him hugs a plenty!

The cat and dog duo were separated for 10 days….The video is getting mixed reviews…some think that the cat was a little to ruff !

Cat Misses Dog After 10 Days

Amazing Woman Saves Mother Cat and Kittens from Walmart

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

Nascar Driver Brian Scott’s Emotional Wedding Speech

 NASCAR driver Brian Scott got married, he expressed his love for not one special girl in his life, but two.

Nascar driver Brian Scott and his wife Whitney tied the knot in January of 2014.  Now a year later … his touching vows and heartfelt promise to his new brides  3-year-old daughter Brielle has gone viral.

“I promise to always hold your hand and skip with you down the street and bring comfort to your life,” he said. “I vow to make you say your prayers before you eat. I promise to read you stories at night and to always tuck you in real tight. I vow to show you how a man should treat a woman in my relationship with your mother. And above all else, I vow to protect you, care for you and love you forever.”

A must see…..must have tissues videoWatch Here

The couple tied the knot on a snowy day in McCall, Idaho.

The Scotts, who live in Charlotte, North Carolina, first met through mutual friends in 2011. In November 2014, they welcomed a baby boy named Joseph.

Robert Griffin III aka RG3 and Wife Expecting Baby

RGIII shared a very special birthday gift with his Twitter followers on Thursday afternoon where he announced that he and his wife were expecting their first child together. Congratulations to NFL quarterback  Robert Griffin III and his wife Rebecca Liddicoat!  The couple has announced that they are expecting their first child.

Griffin, who is celebrating his 25th birthday…shared the news via TWITTER saying, “BIG thank you for making this birthday a special day!!! This year’s gift will change our life forever!!! #BoyOrGirl.”

RG3 and Liddicoat met while attended Baylor University.  They were engaged in October of 2010.  They married in July 2013 in Denver, Colorado.