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Kathy Lee Gifford Shares “Bill Cosby Tried to Kiss Her”

Kathy Lee Gifford claims Bill Cosby tried to kiss her!

Kathy Lee Gifford Bill Cosby ClaimsOn “Today” Tuesday morning, Kathie Lee Gifford, who used to open for Bill Cosby on tour in the late 1970s, spoke about her interaction with the comedian.

Gifford said, “I’m not saying the women’s allegations are not true. I’m just saying I never personally saw it with my own two eyes.”

She did say, however, “I’ll admit, toward the very very end of the last time I saw him, he did try to kiss me, and I said, ‘No,’ I said, ‘Bill, we’re friends.’ He goes, ‘OK, goodnight,’ and I said, ‘Goodnight.'”

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Britney Spears Shares Vegas Bikini Body

britney-spears-womans-healthThe 33-year-old pop princess has never looked better !

The mother-of-two shared her secret to keeping her toned tummy, telling the publication that “dancing is a great cardio workout” because they’re both “tough and fun at the same time.”

“I like my workouts to be effective in a short amount of time,” she says. “I start with 20 minutes of intense cardio — usually running — move on to light free weights, body-weight exercises such as push-ups, squats and sit-ups, then finish it off with a stretch.”

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As for her diet, Spears admits that she’s really into raw food, “sushi basically.” She also indulges in Nut Thins and “any kind of fruit.” Though the Vegas performer does eat pretty healthy, she confesses that as a Southern girl, she’s still loves her sweat tea!

Dog Comforts Friend During Bad Dream Video

Do Dogs Dream?

Dog Comforts Friend During Dream

Many people wonder if dogs dream?  According to researchers, the answer is yes. Sleep studies have proven that dogs go through stages of sleep, each with varying levels of brain activity, physical movement and most importantly, dreams.

Stages of a Dog Sleep Cycle SWS or Slow Wave Sleep is the first stage of sleep. The dog is in a light sleep and is easily awakened. The brain waves are elongated and even, and breathing is slow and regular.

While the brain is at rest, the dog’s muscles are still active and ready for action. REM or Rapid Eye Movement is the stage where dreaming takes place.

The dog’s body is relaxed, but the mind is active, producing uneven and irregular brain waves similar to those when awake. Evidence That a Dog Can Dream When dogs enter into REM sleep, the brain activity shown on an electroencephalogram (EEG) becomes erratic, the dog may twitch or move its paws or tail and may bark, whine or growl.

Researchers compare the dog’s brain and physical activities to human sleep studies with both the canine and human results producing similar EEG readings. It is during these periods of heightened EEG activity that people acknowledge having dreams. And while a dog can’t tell us if or what he dreamed, the similarities lead researchers to believe that dogs do dream.

While we may never be able to confirm directly with a dog if they do indeed dream, comparative research indicates that during REM sleep, a dog’s mind is processing and dreaming.

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Calgary Canada’s Worst Driver Ever Video Fined

OMG!  Beware Calgary’s  worst driver could be  in a parking lot near you!

The  woman who was dubbed “Calgary’s worst driver,” after she was caught on camera backing into another vehicle, has received a $115 fine, police said.

The female driver — who spent more than four minutes trying to manoeuvre her BMW out of an half-empty parking lot — was charged with “unsafe backing” of a vehicle because she didn’t meet the criteria for a hit-and-run.

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