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Kardashians, Kanye cause a Commotion in Armenia

Kim and Khloe Kardashian Armenian

With the amount of large crowds that gathered in the street in Armenia, it looked as if the royal family had arrived — but it was just the Kardashians.

The presence of Kim and Kanye has reportedly turned Armenia upside down!  There’ s pandemonium amongst fans, photographers and the military.

According to TMZ.com, The couple  were leaving the genocide memorial when everyone just went nuts.  Sources say the symbolic 100th anniversary of the genocide looked more like an out of control Hollywood event.

Man Who Recorded Walter Scott Shooting Speaks Out

Man who recorded Walter Scott shooting speaks

The eyewitness who was responsible for videoed the moment an unarmed man was shot dead  in the back by a police officer has come forward and broken his silence.

Feidin Santana  was walking to his job on Saturday when he saw  Walter Scott, a 59-year-old black man,  involved in a scuffle on the ground with police officer Michael Slager.  He said Scott   was not trying to fight the officer… but appeared to be trying to set away from the officers Taser.

Santana talked with “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt on Wednesday, saying that he can’t feel happy about the officer being charged with murder and fired from his job, but that he turned the video over to Scott’s family because he wanted the family to get justice.

Charleston, SC Police Officer Charged With Murder

South Carolina police officer shoots man after traffic stop

South Carolina Law Enforcement have arrested a North Charleston police officer in connection with a shooting that took place over the weekend.

The Officer, Michael Slager, 33, has been charged with murder after shooting a man during a traffic stop.  The victim,  a 50-year-old black man , Walter Lamar Scott who was pulled over by Slager in North Charleston on Saturday for having a broken taillight on his Mercedes-Benz.

Authorities said the decision to charge officer Michael Slager was made after they viewed video footage surfaced which showed him shooting Scott in the back as he was fleeing the scene.

If convicted, he could face up to 30 years to life in prison. Slager was booked  and remains at the Charleston County Detention Center, according to South Carolina Law Enforcement.

We have obtained a copy of the original video….Warning it is graphic and disturbing.

Watch Video Here

Munchkin Cat Pops Water Balloons A Must See Video

 Funny Munchkin Cat Finds Popping Water Balloons Very Entertaining

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Grandma Dottie’s Prom Dress Worn 57-Years Later

When a young girl was given her grandmother’s high school prom dress to play dress up….Never did she dream just how special it would become someday 57-years later.

The grandmother whose name is Dottie…had no idea until her granddaughter Cassie surprises her with the dress!

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