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Reporter Confronts Men who Bombarded her with Vulgarity

Shauna Hunt Video

Reporter  Shauna Hunt confronts jerks after they bombarded her with vulgar comments at Sunday’s TFC game.

Shauna Hunt of CityNews is the latest woman to be heckled by a group of men shouting sexually explicit comments into her microphone, this time as she tried to cover a Toronto FC home soccer game.

The video has been referred to as “FHRITP”  Warning:  It contains vulgar language and is not suitable for children to view!

Two big names in Toronto business earned praise Tuesday as they took action to condemn sexist comments hurled at a TV reporter.

Hydro One says they are in the process of firing one man after he was pegged as one of the people who supported others yelling “f**k her right in the p***y” as CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt did a broadcast from Sunday’s Toronto FC soccer game. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment says it will ban those responsible from future sporting events if they can be identified.

Hunt decided to confront the aggressors, and the video has gone viral.

Watch NSFW Video Here

Madonna Interactive Chat w/ Romeo Rodent Video EWH

Madonna Video Chat

Madonna Interactive Chat w/ Romeo Saturday Night Online

Last week, singer, Madonna took to cyberspace to answer fan questions on video as part of an AskAnythingChat for Romeo Saturday Night Online.

The casual interview shows the 56-year-old in her home, sipping on wine and responding to questions about her new album and her makeout session with Drake.  She was unbeknownst to the activity which was going on behind her.

EWH!  A Rat Crashes a Live Madonna’s Interview Video Madonna Video

During the 20-minute video, Madonna,  shared that she wants to collaborate with Barack Obama and would definitely be interested in working with Britney Spears again.

Britain’s Got More Talent : Well Hello Boys! VIDEO

Britain’s Got  Talent 2015

Britain's Got Talent Male Dancers

Why hello boys! Feeling a bit hot under the collar are we – Britain’s Got More Talent 2015 Oh I say!

The Britain’s Got Talent Judges were treated to a little bit more than they bargained for during 27-year-old Lewis from London’s performance.

The group, known as “Forbidden Nights” had the judges and audience breaking out in sweat.

Watch what happens when the group of five hunky London boys surprised the judges at Britain’s Got Talent with their shirtless performance that wowed even Simon Cowell.


Huggies Presents: Meet Muril an Amazing Video

Meeting Murilo

Meeting Murilo – What the Doctor Did at This Blind Mother’s Ultrasound Was Incredible!

The excitement of embracing your baby for the first time is unique and one that will be treasured forever.

The video below, titled  “Huggies Presents: Meeting Murilis the true story of  Tatiana Guerra, 30, from Brazil, who is a blind mother to be.  20 weeks pregnant. …

Tatiana is #CountingTheDays to embrace the little Murilo.  She hasn’t been able to have the experience of seeing her baby boy develop in her womb through the ultrasound as most of us do.  The first time you can see those little hands and feet, the nose, the ears and the little baby growing and moving right before your eyes.  For Tatiana though, she has to imagine it until she can touch him to really get a feel for what he looks like.

But thanks to a 3D printer and a campaign for Huggies diapers, Tatiana, who is 20 weeks pregnant  was able to experience little Murilo’s ultrasound images through the sense of feeling.

Watch Video Here

Watch on and grab a tissue because what this Doctor did for Tatiana is truly amazing.

Former Gold Medalist Pulls Tooth With a Javelin (VIDEO)

Brian Clay Pulls Tooth

Former  2008 U.S. Olympic decathlon gold medalist  Bryan Clay, 35,  went the distance to ensure that his daughter Ellie’s  loose tooth came out.

A quick internet search on removing loose teeth suggests eating chewy food or wiggling it with your tongue. However…it you need a quick one time yank…a javelin would do the trick.

Watch Video Here Bryan Clay Pulls Tooth

She was quite the sport when she opted for the later method and let him place a string around her tooth and attach it to a javelin.  It worked….he threw the javelin, the tooth flew out and the blood began seeping from the gum area…. She rinsed her mouth out with water and began looking for her tooth. It was recovered!  As for the tooth….she placed it under the pillow in hopes that the tooth fairy swing by and leave some money.

She deserved “big bucks” for that one!

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